Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Five New Sprite Patterns of Characters From Pokemon Diamond/Pearl

Hello! I have been really slow in getting ready to do this blog post for today, so I can't see myself being too fast about writing it, either. I'm pretty happy with the new patterns for today, though, which are five new sprite patterns of characters from Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum! I got a request through the Dork Stitch Facebook page the other day for more male Pokemon trainers, so I decided to start working on that. To be fair to the requester, I have not yet made the specific characters that she asked for, though they'll probably get done later this week, and I also have another girl sprite in this set, on account of the fact that I really wanted to make and stitch it. Out of the five new patterns for today, though, four of them are new ones of male Pokemon trainers, so I think that I ended up with some patterns that are at least headed in the right direction!

For today's set of sprite patterns, I decided to go with the characters from Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum because I thought that it might be nice to make Lucas and Dawn's wintery outfits from the Platinum game. I already had Dawn's first outfit, which was one of the first sprite patterns I made, so I only had to worry about one sprite for her, but ended up making Lucas twice, just to get one for each of his outfits. Past those two, I made a pattern of Barry, the rival character, since I'd tried to make one of him years ago and failed miserably, and then one of Roark, to see if his safety helmet would look decent in a sprite pattern. I'm hoping to stitch at least a few of these at some point, so I hope that you guys like them, too!

With all of today's pattern's posted, it's time for a second photo of my ever-so-mysterious WIP, which is almost starting to look like something! I'm still not sure she's identifiable, though someone might see what character it is, but at the very least, it has more of a shape than it did last time I took a photo of it. Soon, I'm hoping to get into a second or third color on her! (I'm hoping to get a less blurry photo next time, too.)
I think that I'm done posting for today, but, since I work on patterns for this quite a bit, I'm hoping to post again soon with new patterns and other stuff. Until then, I hope that you are all having nice weeks and doing well with whatever crafts you're working on!

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