Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A New Monochrome Legend of Zelda Pattern!

Hello! Today I sat down to make some new sprite patterns, since I've been able to get a ton of them finished lately, and I got to one of the comments from my patterns of Link and Pit, which asked for two Legend of Zelda patterns of Marin from Link's Awakening, which I did a sprite pattern for and will post soon, and Medli from The Wind Waker. I haven't played The Wind Waker before, so I didn't really know who Medli was, though I had my suspicions. When I looked her up, I was very happy to see that she was actually the character I'd previously referred to as "the duck princess," which I know is very knowledgeable and enlightened of me. Because of that, I did not make a sprite pattern of her, but instead made a 135 stitch tall monochrome cross stitch pattern of her to match the Link and Zelda that I've previously posted. I know that she's not as much of a major character as Link and Zelda, but I found the perfect image to base the pattern on and am fond of her, so that's why she got the pattern. Regardless of the number of games that she appears in, though, I hope that some of you guys like the pattern enough to stitch her! It's a little too hot to work on a project this big where I am right now, but I'm printing off a copy of Medli to stitch for myself once the weather cools off by a few degrees.
Since I have today's pattern posted, I should probably quit blogging now, but instead, I'll post a WIP photo of the cross stitch project I got back out last night! In April, I bought the smaller version of the Disney Thomas Kinkade Beauty and the Beast kit, feeling a little bit like it was very pretty and I'd somehow totally screw it up. After working on it on and a lot more off for a while, though, I think that I can get through it with no major disasters! It's fun to work on because there are so many color changes, and it's easy to see progress on it, too, since it's not too big. Here is a dark photo of my progress on it so far!
Now I'm actually done blogging for today, but I have so many sprite patterns finished and ready to go that, theoretically, I can pop back up and start posting new patterns with little or no warning! Until that dreaded day arrives, I hope that you're having pleasant weeks and doing well with whatever crafts you're doing!

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  1. Yay Medli! Thanks for listening to my request!