Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Pokemon and The Last Blade in Sprite Patterns, Because The Two Go Together Totally Well

Hello! I've been making sprite patterns like crazy lately, since they're nice to make when it's really hot out and I'm sitting in the living room that my laptop, which basically runs a paint program and Pangya. That doesn't mean that I've gotten a lot of patterns that people actually want done, though I have made some lovely and extremely detailed Soul Calibur ones that I'll be inflicting on you on a later date. Last night, however, I finished three new Pokemon Black/White trainer patterns, featuring Cilan and N, both of whom were actually requested, and Professor Juniper, who I made during a really boring meeting of the Pokemon League that I run. I was going to just post those three, but I wanted to print all of them, plus the sprite patterns of Link and Pit from a little over a week ago. However, I print the patterns four to a page, making that plan a waste of paper, so I decided to chart up three more sprite patterns to make it an easily printable number. Since I had an easily accessible set of three patterns from The Last Blade, a very spiffy Neo Geo fighting game that I got on the Wii's Virtual Console, that game's Kaede, Moriya, and Yuki got to be in this post, too. They may not be here for a very good reason, but if you are also a fan of The Last Blade that wants to cross stitch tiny versions of the characters, it's your lucky day.

There's nothing too out of the ordinary about any of these sprite patterns, so I don't have any notes about anything to watch out for while stitching them or anything like that. There's not any backstitching on any of them, and the color count's not too high on any of them, although between the three Pokemon ones, there's quite a few shades of green. With that said, though, I think that I'll just get these patterns posted for your stitching pleasure!

Now that all of those are posted and ready to print, it's time for a photo of the cross stitch that I'm currently working on, which is, like last week, the fancy Beauty and the Beast kit that I'm stitching! I felt like I'd been working and working on it without making any progress at all, but when I looked at last week's photo of it again, it turned out that it was a lot more than I'd thought it was. In fact, I think that some parts of it may be starting to get recognizable. After a few more days of work, though, I think it might be even better, so I'm looking forward to doing more of it. (Plus, I saw a Lion King kit in the same line at Hobby Lobby today, so now I'm even more motivated to finish this one.)
I'm done posting here for now, but I've done so many sprite patterns and plan to do so many more that I don't think it'll be long at all before I'm posting again. Plus, next week includes July 3rd, which is Dork Stitch's Annual Heal Slime Day, so I'll have a cool new cross stitch pattern of a Heal Slime then! I'm not sure how to outdo last year's Andy Warhol Heal Slimes, but I have some ideas for a new pattern. Also, if any of the rest of you would like to participate with your own Heal Slime related arts and crafts, let me know before July 3rd!

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