Saturday, June 2, 2012

Sprite Style Cross Stitch Patterns of Marty Stuart and Connie Smith

Hello! To begin this post, I would like to say that I realize that I have requests for a lot of sprite patterns, and I do intend to work on filling them again soon. Tonight, though, I was watching The Marty Stuart Show, which is a half-hour show where people stand around and play and discuss traditional country music, and decided that Marty Stuart looked enough like a sprite pattern that there ought to be one made of him. When I announced this plan, my mother suggested that I also make one of Connie Smith, his wife who appears on the show every week, and since I like having sets of sprite patterns, that idea made the whole thing seem even better. Even though I'm not sure that any of you want these patterns, it was a lot of fun to make them, since the tall hair and nudie suits posed a reasonable challenge that I don't think I did too badly at, and as detailed as they are, I think that they should be fun to cross stitch (or perler bead, if you're a bead melter who also finds this interesting), which is why I'm posting them! Rather than go on and on about these patterns, I suppose that I will just post them. I hope that you guys like them!
With that done, I don't have much other content for tonight, since my stitching for today was part of Manka's current SAL, which I hope to have done for a post tomorrow! Until my next post, however, I'll leave you with this video from The Marty Stuart Show, since I feel like proving that the sprite pattern does actually look like him. Have a nice weekend!

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