Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Cross Stitch Pattern of Link's Little Sister in a Lovely Burnt Orange

Hello! I mentioned that I had this done during my last post here, but for today, I have a new pattern in my set of monochrome Legend of Zelda cross stitch charts, featuring Link's little sister, Aryll! I'm sure many of you reading will be just heartbroken to hear this, but before I made the pattern for Aryll, I'd set out to make one of Tingle, but ended up doing very badly at it and decided to go with a different character, at least for now. It's a terrible shame to come here and say that the pattern for today is of a cute and charming character rather than a slightly disturbing one that many people have an intense hatred for, but that's just the way things have worked out for the time being. If you are a fan of Tingle, I plan to give it another shot in the near future, after I make a few more of these, but for now, I hope that the rest of you enjoy this pattern! It was made at the same size as Link, Zelda, and Medli, at 135 stitches tall, so it should fit in nicely with any sets of finished projects that it may end up being a part of, and, as always, any color you'd like to use should work well for this pattern, unless you're trying to stitch her with white floss on white fabric, in which case your stitching may be sort of hard to see.
I really like working on the patterns in this set, so Aryll won't be the last one in it. I've talked (or e-mailed, more accurately) about it to Cross Stitch Ninja, who can be found at her lovely blog A Bit of This, a Bit of That, and the next chart will probably be of Tetra, but there should be a few more after that, too.

With my own stitching, I don't have too much to talk about, since all I've done was make a couple of standees, but I'm almost done with a new sheet of them, so I'll have a picture of that in a few days. I did get a piece of bright red 11-count Aida cloth at Goodwill today and don't quite know what to do with it, so I might have some sort of weird work in progress photos of something red soon, too.

I still have three requested sprite patterns in reserve and ready to go, so I should be posting those in the next couple of days, but, until then, I hope you guys are doing well with all of your crafty stuff!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Tree Trunks and a Moderate Amount of Text

Hello! I don't feel very focused tonight, possibly because it was cool enough in the house to drink coffee while The Newsroom was on, so I don't know how successful this blog post will be. I do, however, have a new pattern for you guys, like I was talking about on Friday! Tonight, I'll be posting a spiffy cross stitch chart of Tree Trunks from Adventure Time. It's been a long time since I posted the pattern of Hot Dog Princess, which was made really nicely by both Little Red Emo Hood, at Skates and Stitches, and Shio, at  Nene Miow, and there are still a lot of characters from the show that I'd like to make. The other day, though, it seemed like it would be a good idea to make Tree Trunks, making sure that she'd be just as easy to use for Perler beads as Hot Dog Princess was, so she got to be the second pattern in the set. I hope she proves useful for your craft projects!

With that posted, I have another progress photo of my Beauty and the Beast kit to show off, and the photo isn't even that terrible, although it does have a massively incorrect time stamp on the side. I need to find out how I can make my camera stop doing that. I think that I'm actually making progress on it, even though it still looks pretty blobby, so it's not discouraging to work on it. I sort of got burnt out on it tonight and went back to making standees, but I'll get sick of those after a few more days, too, so I'm not worried.
Now that I've got those things posted, I'm done with blogging for tonight, though I still have a new monochrome Legend of Zelda pattern and some more sprite pattern requests in reserve. I'll have a new post again very soon, and until then, I hope you're all doing well with your craft projects and things like that!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Cross Stitch a Tiny Version of Duran Duran!

EDIT: Thanks to the very speedy and attentive Gatchacaz, I can tell you guys that on the chart for today, I accidentally listed Anchor color 403 as 430! Also, if you view the comments section on this post, she gave a detailed and educational list of which members of Duran Duran are which in the pattern, which is helpful and cool. Lastly, if you go to the given link for Gatchacaz's blog, she has a cross stitch pattern for Duran Duran's logo, which I thought about before I started typing yesterday and only remembered after I was done typing. Anyway, enjoy the post!

Hello! Right now, I have a lot of cross stitch charts made and ready to post, which is cool and makes me feel like I had a really productive afternoon. I've got a few more sprite patterns, a new monochrome Legend of Zelda chart, and a pattern of a character from Adventure Time. When it came to deciding which of my new patterns to post, however, my decision to post the sprite patterns of Duran Duran, as requested by the always spiffy Gatchacaz, who has a blog at this link, was made by fate. Of course, in this case, by fate I may mean that I saw them being interviewed on a big screen TV at a terrifying Chinese buffet, but it doesn't really matter.

When I was making this pattern, I dug and dug for nifty pictures of them to find good outfits that I could use, and eventually found one where most of them were in shiny black suits with ropes over their shoulders, except for one who was in a blue suit, though he also has ropes, so he doesn't break that trend. (If you're curious about the image, it can be found here.) I don't know much about Duran Duran other than having heard some of their songs and knowing that the one in the middle of that photo was Simon, so I did a little extra work to make sure these patterns were accurate, down to RGB matching their skin tones while I did the actual sprites. This means that  there are a few more colors for these five sprites than normal, but, because I know Gatchacaz uses Anchor floss rather than DMC, I provided both floss keys with this chart, to make things a little easier for people who have access to both brands. Other than that, this set of sprites is pretty normal, so I hope that you guys like them!
I don't have much else to post today, but I do have a goodbye photo of the Vocaloid standees that I mailed off to Oregon yesterday, meaning that my stitching is soon to be in four states and Canada! The photo is not very good, since it's blurry, crooked, and slightly discolored, but they were fun to make, turned out pretty well, at least in my opinion, and have a nice primary color scheme to their hair. From left to right, the cross stitched Vocaloids in this photo are Teto, Lapis (who will have her pattern posted soon), and IA.

I am now done for today, but I have so many patterns currently in reserve that I'll be back on tomorrow or Sunday, though I haven't decided which pattern I'll post then yet. Until then, have a nice start to your weekend and good luck with your craft projects!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

More Requested Sprite Patterns, With Lots of Browns and Grays

Hello! It seems like it's been a while since I did a post here in the afternoon, even though I know that it hasn't actually been that long. I already sat around for an hour and played Pokemon Conquest today, though, so I don't want to play more video games right now, and I don't really want to cross stitch or do origami at the moment, either, so blogging seemed like a good thing to do.

For the next two posts here, I have six requested sprite patterns to split up, mostly because I don't want to post all six at once. Since I had two request sets I was working on, each of the days will have one Vocaloid (or one UTAU, I think is what they're called, but I tend to lump all computerized pop singers into the same group and have been fan-lectured over it in the past) and one outfit for Alice from Alice: Madness Returns. The third pattern will be different, though, and today, I'm posting one of Atrus, from Myst, as was requested in an anonymous comment. When I got the request, I thought I'd be lost, since the only Myst I've ever played was a version of the game for 3DO that didn't work very well when I was in fifth grade, but when I looked the character up, I actually remembered seeing him! I'm not sure if it was in the game, since all I remember is looking at books and wandering through gray rooms, but I'd definitely seen the character before. For the pattern, I think that I made him look a little too much like a dorky Jedi type of character, but am still pretty pleased with how it ended up, so I hope that you like it, too, comment typist! Along with Atrus, the other two patterns for today are the impressively coiffed virtual pop singer Kasane Teto and Alice in her steam dress, which is very gray and frilly looking. There's plenty of detail in all of them, but I stayed away from backstitch on these, so they should work for perler beads as well as cross stitch.
Now that I have those three patterns posted, I think that I'm done for today. I don't have much stitching to show off, since I'm working on some Vocaloid standees to mail across the country (they're in exchange for some neat items on Pangya, and I presume that the recipient will trade them to get some eyedrops to give to the fish king, though I hear those spoil really easily), and have been working on some big needlepoints of characters from Gals' Fighter for the Neo Geo Pocket Color, too, none of which are finished. I'm going to go work on some more requested sprite patterns and other stuff for a while now, though, so I won't run out of stuff to post anytime soon. Have a nice week, and good luck with your stitching and other crafts!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

IHSW July: Sprite Patterns and an Emu

Hello! I'm doing this post a little earlier than I normally would, but tonight is the last bit of another International Hermit and Stitch Weekend, as hosted by Joyzse of Random Ramblings! It wasn't my most productive weekend for stitching ever, so this post won't be too long, but, since Friday, I've finished four of my sprite patterns and drawn a picture of a girl riding an emu, so I do have something for this post.

Friday was my best day for stitching, since I finished two sprites that day, and did most of a third one, too. I think the fact that I started one of them over a week ago and then made an easy one second had more to do with that than anything, but it's still not too bad. Here are Friday's stitched sprite patterns, with Max Fischer from Rushmore on the left and Cilan from Pokemon on the left. I don't know how well they match, but I think they both came out nicely.

On Saturday, I didn't do too badly, either, and spent a lot of the afternoon working on a cartoony drawing of a girl riding an emu. It's not great art or anything, but it was fun to work on, so I figured I'd post here along with my weekend stitching. The emu looks a little mean, I guess, but I wouldn't be thrilled about the situation, either, so I think its anger is justifiable. I'm hoping to color this eventually!
I also finished another sprite on Saturday, using a pattern of Kooh from Pangya that I made over a year ago. She usually has black hair, but when I started to stitch that, her eyes started to look like really extreme bangs, so I ripped that out and used magenta instead. You can get that hair color in the game, so I guess that counts for some sort of accuracy, but really, it just got used because it seemed like a slightly better option than bubblegum pink with the light blue dress.
Today, to finish off Hermit and Stitch Weekend, I stitched a sprite pattern of Korean pop star Lee Hyori. I made the pattern when I first started with all of the Phantasy Star II stuff, to see if I could get a fake tan color to work in Pattern Maker, but wasn't able to convey it too well with embroidery floss today. I do think I got her bleached hair right, though, so the shallow pop singer look still worked out! Here is the last of my sprites for the weekend.
With that, I'm done for the night, though I'm probably going to try to do some more crafty stuff during True Blood and The Newsroom. For now, though, I'm going to go assemble a few more sprite patterns so that I can post them soon! Have a good end to your weekends, and nice next weeks, too!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Four Shiny New Requested Sprite Patterns!

Hello! It's pretty late right now, at a little after midnight, so I'm not sure that I should be posting here, since I'm betting that none of what I type will be very coherent. I just finished putting the charts together for four new sprite patterns that were requested by you guys, though, through comments, the Dork Stitch Facebook page, e-mail, and even a game of Pangya, so I wanted to get them posted. I have done more of your requests than the ones I'm posting tonight, but I picked four partially because I can get four of these to print nicely on one page and partially because my computer mouse is being wonky and that was as many as I could get put together as nice cross stitch charts before I threw the mouse at the wall. Before I hit that limit, however, I got patterns done for characters from Bleach, The Legend of Zelda, and Alice: Madness Returns (I apologize about my ignorance in regards to the game in advance), and a Vocaloid, so hopefully it's a diverse enough set to be interesting.
The first sprite pattern for tonight is of Yoruichi from Bleach, who got the spot because I thought she ended up looking cool, making her a natural choice to be the thumbnail image for this post on Facebook and RSS readers. I had a little bit of trouble deciding what outfit to put her in, since I thought that the one where she's dressed like Soi Fon could work well, too, but the orange top and the ponytail seemed more recognizable, so I ended up going with that.
Tonight's second pattern is of Alice, from Alice: Madness Returns, which I don't know very much about. RebelAngelRinoa, who requested the patterns, sent me a lot of pictures of her different outfits, which was very helpful in making the patterns, and I know that she also kills stuff with a butcher knife, which I can respect in a video game. Regardless of all of that, though, this is Alice in her siren dress. I've done a couple more of them, which'll show up later, but this is the one being posted for tonight, so there.
The next pattern is of Marin from The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, which was fun to make. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to make her recognizable, but the flower in her hair helped a lot, as did the fairly distinctive dress design. Plus, the orange and bright blues go well together, so I think she should come out nicely when stitched.
The final pattern for tonight is of IA, a Vocaloid. I'm sort of running out of steam, so I can't think of that much to say about this pattern, but in terms of unnecessarily detailed outfits and elaborate hairstyles, Vocaloids are really fun to design and cross stitch. A couple more of them got requested, too, but I thought IA had the best color scheme, so she got to be posted first.

I'm out of patterns now, so I should be done here, but before I go, I have to show off a nine inch tall needlepoint I did of My Melody, the Sanrio character, dressed up as Cammy from Street Fighter. The image that I based the project on is from Sanrio's new and really cute Sanrio x Street Fighter set of stuff, and I'm hoping to make more of the characters soon. For now, though, please enjoy this image of my needlepoint of a bunny that's about to kick someone in the face until they fall over. It was stitched on 10 count plastic canvas with craft thread.
I'm really sleepy now, so I'm going to go play Pokemon Conquest until I pass out rather than continue blogging. I have plenty of patterns ready to go, though, so I should be back and posting again soon. Until then, have a good week!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Starting in on Some Super Frilly Looking Soul Calibur Sprite Patterns

Hello! It's been quite a few days since I last posted here, and it isn't because of a lack of content or anything, either, since I've had several sprite patterns done for days now and have just neglected to format them and put them here. Today, however, the heat wave that we had has subsided to normal enough temperatures that my brain isn't fried, and I'm not as inexplicably distracted as I usually am, despite the fact that I downloaded the new Temple Run and have it sitting on my Kindle Fire right now, just waiting to be played. Because of all of that, tonight seemed like a good time to start in on the Soul Calibur patterns that I've been working on!

Before I get started with these, I have to say that I haven't played a Soul Calibur game since the third one, and haven't played one to death since the second, so my knowledge of a lot of the new characters is not extensive. My brothers were playing Soul Calibur II a lot not too long ago, though, and I thought that it would be fun to try and make some of the characters from the games, as detailed as they are, as sprite patterns. Though they do take a few more colors per character than a lot of video game characters do when I make sprite patterns of them, I think that they came out pretty well and have the first four in the set ready for you guys tonight. Of the four characters I have patterns of here, I already have wildly different alternate outfit patterns done for Xianghua, Seung Mina, and Talim that I'll post later, and will probably make another pattern of Sophitia, too, just because I can. I picked which outfit of the two I had done to post sort of arbitrarily, for stunning reasons such as, "Oh, I think that her hair looks less stupid in this one than in that one," and "I think I'll go with this one because I'm very proud of the fact that I managed to make this pattern distinguishable from the one I made of Mai from Fatal Fury." None of that really matters that much, though, so I'll just post the new patterns and move on from there.

Now that I'm done with that, I have a WIP photo to post, of a seahorse pattern from Hancock's House of Happy, which is a super cool blog, that I started stitching yesterday. So far, it may just look like five badly photographed blobs of navy blue (which is bright blue in real life) on a piece of fabric, but eventually, it's going to look like a seahorse comprised of many brightly colored blobs. I don't think that it'll take too long to stitch, so I'm hoping to finish it before I get distracted!
I think that I'm done posting here for now, but I'll be back and writing more rubbish soon! Until then, have a nice week and good luck with all of the crafts that you may or may not be doing.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Dork Stitch's 4th Annual Heal Slime Day!

Hello! Today is July 3rd, which means that it's time for another idiotic post here in honor of Heal Slime, a charming and fairly easy to beat monster from the Dragon Quest series of games! I've noticed that most people with cross stitch blogs do big posts like this on their blog's anniversaries, rather than some day around a month after their blogs started, and, shockingly enough, most posts of this sort have absolutely nothing to do with Heal Slimes. Since last year's Heal Slime Day, however, I've had 120 new people officially watch this blog, seen lots of really cool projects made from patterns that I've posted here, sent overly long e-mails to tons of other cross stitchers, and had a lot of fun making new patterns. I think it's really lucky that I've been able to keep this blog from falling over dead for three years already, and look forward to continuing to work on it for a fourth.

Thank you very much to everyone who reads or comments on this blog or does anything with the patterns posted here!

The most important part of this post, of course, is the year's new Heal Slime pattern, which I think came out rather well! I wanted to make something a little fancier than I had in the past, though I don't think that I've done better than the Andy Warhol style Heal Slimes from last year. I do, however, have a non-sprite style pattern today, featuring a cheerful and perhaps slightly creepy Heal Slime beckoning to whatever stitcher decides to make it, complete with backstitching and fractionals and all of that sort of thing. Despite the additional detail, it's actually not a very big pattern at all, at less than 30 stitches tall and a little over 20 stitches wide, so it still won't be an incredibly time consuming project. Hopefully, however, it'll still be fun to stitch! Here is the 4th in the Dork Stitch line of annual Heal Slime patterns!
I'm done posting for today, since there's only so much Heal Slime Day related joy that I can inflict on the world, but I should be back very soon with some new sprite patterns for you guys, since I've certainly designed enough of them. Until then, have a nice day, and to anyone that might be reading in the US, a happy Fourth of July!