Friday, July 27, 2012

Cross Stitch a Tiny Version of Duran Duran!

EDIT: Thanks to the very speedy and attentive Gatchacaz, I can tell you guys that on the chart for today, I accidentally listed Anchor color 403 as 430! Also, if you view the comments section on this post, she gave a detailed and educational list of which members of Duran Duran are which in the pattern, which is helpful and cool. Lastly, if you go to the given link for Gatchacaz's blog, she has a cross stitch pattern for Duran Duran's logo, which I thought about before I started typing yesterday and only remembered after I was done typing. Anyway, enjoy the post!

Hello! Right now, I have a lot of cross stitch charts made and ready to post, which is cool and makes me feel like I had a really productive afternoon. I've got a few more sprite patterns, a new monochrome Legend of Zelda chart, and a pattern of a character from Adventure Time. When it came to deciding which of my new patterns to post, however, my decision to post the sprite patterns of Duran Duran, as requested by the always spiffy Gatchacaz, who has a blog at this link, was made by fate. Of course, in this case, by fate I may mean that I saw them being interviewed on a big screen TV at a terrifying Chinese buffet, but it doesn't really matter.

When I was making this pattern, I dug and dug for nifty pictures of them to find good outfits that I could use, and eventually found one where most of them were in shiny black suits with ropes over their shoulders, except for one who was in a blue suit, though he also has ropes, so he doesn't break that trend. (If you're curious about the image, it can be found here.) I don't know much about Duran Duran other than having heard some of their songs and knowing that the one in the middle of that photo was Simon, so I did a little extra work to make sure these patterns were accurate, down to RGB matching their skin tones while I did the actual sprites. This means that  there are a few more colors for these five sprites than normal, but, because I know Gatchacaz uses Anchor floss rather than DMC, I provided both floss keys with this chart, to make things a little easier for people who have access to both brands. Other than that, this set of sprites is pretty normal, so I hope that you guys like them!
I don't have much else to post today, but I do have a goodbye photo of the Vocaloid standees that I mailed off to Oregon yesterday, meaning that my stitching is soon to be in four states and Canada! The photo is not very good, since it's blurry, crooked, and slightly discolored, but they were fun to make, turned out pretty well, at least in my opinion, and have a nice primary color scheme to their hair. From left to right, the cross stitched Vocaloids in this photo are Teto, Lapis (who will have her pattern posted soon), and IA.

I am now done for today, but I have so many patterns currently in reserve that I'll be back on tomorrow or Sunday, though I haven't decided which pattern I'll post then yet. Until then, have a nice start to your weekend and good luck with your craft projects!


  1. Yay Duran Duran! I love those sprites! Nice job.

  2. Missy, the band are (from left to right): John Taylor, Roger Taylor, Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes and Andy Taylor.

    None of the 'Taylor's' are related and Andy quit the band in 2006.

    I can't thank you enough for making this chart and I already have a few ideas of what I want to do with it - I appreciate the Anchor colours too, although I may tweak a few of them as I go along :) xxx