Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Dork Stitch's 4th Annual Heal Slime Day!

Hello! Today is July 3rd, which means that it's time for another idiotic post here in honor of Heal Slime, a charming and fairly easy to beat monster from the Dragon Quest series of games! I've noticed that most people with cross stitch blogs do big posts like this on their blog's anniversaries, rather than some day around a month after their blogs started, and, shockingly enough, most posts of this sort have absolutely nothing to do with Heal Slimes. Since last year's Heal Slime Day, however, I've had 120 new people officially watch this blog, seen lots of really cool projects made from patterns that I've posted here, sent overly long e-mails to tons of other cross stitchers, and had a lot of fun making new patterns. I think it's really lucky that I've been able to keep this blog from falling over dead for three years already, and look forward to continuing to work on it for a fourth.

Thank you very much to everyone who reads or comments on this blog or does anything with the patterns posted here!

The most important part of this post, of course, is the year's new Heal Slime pattern, which I think came out rather well! I wanted to make something a little fancier than I had in the past, though I don't think that I've done better than the Andy Warhol style Heal Slimes from last year. I do, however, have a non-sprite style pattern today, featuring a cheerful and perhaps slightly creepy Heal Slime beckoning to whatever stitcher decides to make it, complete with backstitching and fractionals and all of that sort of thing. Despite the additional detail, it's actually not a very big pattern at all, at less than 30 stitches tall and a little over 20 stitches wide, so it still won't be an incredibly time consuming project. Hopefully, however, it'll still be fun to stitch! Here is the 4th in the Dork Stitch line of annual Heal Slime patterns!
I'm done posting for today, since there's only so much Heal Slime Day related joy that I can inflict on the world, but I should be back very soon with some new sprite patterns for you guys, since I've certainly designed enough of them. Until then, have a nice day, and to anyone that might be reading in the US, a happy Fourth of July!


  1. Wow! 4 years! Your blog has been inspiring me for 4 years. Seems like yesterday.