Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Four Shiny New Requested Sprite Patterns!

Hello! It's pretty late right now, at a little after midnight, so I'm not sure that I should be posting here, since I'm betting that none of what I type will be very coherent. I just finished putting the charts together for four new sprite patterns that were requested by you guys, though, through comments, the Dork Stitch Facebook page, e-mail, and even a game of Pangya, so I wanted to get them posted. I have done more of your requests than the ones I'm posting tonight, but I picked four partially because I can get four of these to print nicely on one page and partially because my computer mouse is being wonky and that was as many as I could get put together as nice cross stitch charts before I threw the mouse at the wall. Before I hit that limit, however, I got patterns done for characters from Bleach, The Legend of Zelda, and Alice: Madness Returns (I apologize about my ignorance in regards to the game in advance), and a Vocaloid, so hopefully it's a diverse enough set to be interesting.
The first sprite pattern for tonight is of Yoruichi from Bleach, who got the spot because I thought she ended up looking cool, making her a natural choice to be the thumbnail image for this post on Facebook and RSS readers. I had a little bit of trouble deciding what outfit to put her in, since I thought that the one where she's dressed like Soi Fon could work well, too, but the orange top and the ponytail seemed more recognizable, so I ended up going with that.
Tonight's second pattern is of Alice, from Alice: Madness Returns, which I don't know very much about. RebelAngelRinoa, who requested the patterns, sent me a lot of pictures of her different outfits, which was very helpful in making the patterns, and I know that she also kills stuff with a butcher knife, which I can respect in a video game. Regardless of all of that, though, this is Alice in her siren dress. I've done a couple more of them, which'll show up later, but this is the one being posted for tonight, so there.
The next pattern is of Marin from The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, which was fun to make. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to make her recognizable, but the flower in her hair helped a lot, as did the fairly distinctive dress design. Plus, the orange and bright blues go well together, so I think she should come out nicely when stitched.
The final pattern for tonight is of IA, a Vocaloid. I'm sort of running out of steam, so I can't think of that much to say about this pattern, but in terms of unnecessarily detailed outfits and elaborate hairstyles, Vocaloids are really fun to design and cross stitch. A couple more of them got requested, too, but I thought IA had the best color scheme, so she got to be posted first.

I'm out of patterns now, so I should be done here, but before I go, I have to show off a nine inch tall needlepoint I did of My Melody, the Sanrio character, dressed up as Cammy from Street Fighter. The image that I based the project on is from Sanrio's new and really cute Sanrio x Street Fighter set of stuff, and I'm hoping to make more of the characters soon. For now, though, please enjoy this image of my needlepoint of a bunny that's about to kick someone in the face until they fall over. It was stitched on 10 count plastic canvas with craft thread.
I'm really sleepy now, so I'm going to go play Pokemon Conquest until I pass out rather than continue blogging. I have plenty of patterns ready to go, though, so I should be back and posting again soon. Until then, have a good week!


  1. As always, truly excellent sprite patterns. And can I say how much I love Melody in her Street Fighter outfit? I have a friend that would freak out over that. Amazing design and beautifully stitched.

  2. I love that Marin pattern, it is GORGEOUS! I will have to print it and save it for my "to do someday" drawer.

    I was wondering, how difficult is it for you to create patterns of actual people? I would love a pattern of Atrus from the Myst series...