Tuesday, July 24, 2012

More Requested Sprite Patterns, With Lots of Browns and Grays

Hello! It seems like it's been a while since I did a post here in the afternoon, even though I know that it hasn't actually been that long. I already sat around for an hour and played Pokemon Conquest today, though, so I don't want to play more video games right now, and I don't really want to cross stitch or do origami at the moment, either, so blogging seemed like a good thing to do.

For the next two posts here, I have six requested sprite patterns to split up, mostly because I don't want to post all six at once. Since I had two request sets I was working on, each of the days will have one Vocaloid (or one UTAU, I think is what they're called, but I tend to lump all computerized pop singers into the same group and have been fan-lectured over it in the past) and one outfit for Alice from Alice: Madness Returns. The third pattern will be different, though, and today, I'm posting one of Atrus, from Myst, as was requested in an anonymous comment. When I got the request, I thought I'd be lost, since the only Myst I've ever played was a version of the game for 3DO that didn't work very well when I was in fifth grade, but when I looked the character up, I actually remembered seeing him! I'm not sure if it was in the game, since all I remember is looking at books and wandering through gray rooms, but I'd definitely seen the character before. For the pattern, I think that I made him look a little too much like a dorky Jedi type of character, but am still pretty pleased with how it ended up, so I hope that you like it, too, comment typist! Along with Atrus, the other two patterns for today are the impressively coiffed virtual pop singer Kasane Teto and Alice in her steam dress, which is very gray and frilly looking. There's plenty of detail in all of them, but I stayed away from backstitch on these, so they should work for perler beads as well as cross stitch.
Now that I have those three patterns posted, I think that I'm done for today. I don't have much stitching to show off, since I'm working on some Vocaloid standees to mail across the country (they're in exchange for some neat items on Pangya, and I presume that the recipient will trade them to get some eyedrops to give to the fish king, though I hear those spoil really easily), and have been working on some big needlepoints of characters from Gals' Fighter for the Neo Geo Pocket Color, too, none of which are finished. I'm going to go work on some more requested sprite patterns and other stuff for a while now, though, so I won't run out of stuff to post anytime soon. Have a nice week, and good luck with your stitching and other crafts!


  1. Comment typist here! Thank you so much for the pattern! I was absolutely thrilled to see it come up on my RSS feed. You've made my day today, and I can't tell you how much I appreciate it.

    You should really look into getting some of your art showcased on spritestitch.com if you're looking for more readers. You're doing some fantastic work here and I can't believe that your blog gets so few comments.

  2. I like the Kasane Teto one best. Love that hair!!! Great job on all three though.

  3. I'm going to comment on everything all at once, hope you don't mind. :D

    Your sprites... awwwwww!!!! Just wanna hug them. :D Too darn cute.

    Beauty and the Beast is looking so good, A. More, more, MORE!!!! I wanna see MORRRRRRE. Hehehe.

    Gotta say, Melody brought a huge smile to my face. How absolutely darling is she?? :D

  4. I'll do the everything in one comment too! :D Love all the new sprites, and the emu drawing made me lol! :DAbsolutely love it too! Beauty and the beast is looking great. It's my fav Disney story so I can't wait to see more of it! Oh, and thanks for following on Get Glue, good thing you reminded me to log in there, lol ^^