Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Starting in on Some Super Frilly Looking Soul Calibur Sprite Patterns

Hello! It's been quite a few days since I last posted here, and it isn't because of a lack of content or anything, either, since I've had several sprite patterns done for days now and have just neglected to format them and put them here. Today, however, the heat wave that we had has subsided to normal enough temperatures that my brain isn't fried, and I'm not as inexplicably distracted as I usually am, despite the fact that I downloaded the new Temple Run and have it sitting on my Kindle Fire right now, just waiting to be played. Because of all of that, tonight seemed like a good time to start in on the Soul Calibur patterns that I've been working on!

Before I get started with these, I have to say that I haven't played a Soul Calibur game since the third one, and haven't played one to death since the second, so my knowledge of a lot of the new characters is not extensive. My brothers were playing Soul Calibur II a lot not too long ago, though, and I thought that it would be fun to try and make some of the characters from the games, as detailed as they are, as sprite patterns. Though they do take a few more colors per character than a lot of video game characters do when I make sprite patterns of them, I think that they came out pretty well and have the first four in the set ready for you guys tonight. Of the four characters I have patterns of here, I already have wildly different alternate outfit patterns done for Xianghua, Seung Mina, and Talim that I'll post later, and will probably make another pattern of Sophitia, too, just because I can. I picked which outfit of the two I had done to post sort of arbitrarily, for stunning reasons such as, "Oh, I think that her hair looks less stupid in this one than in that one," and "I think I'll go with this one because I'm very proud of the fact that I managed to make this pattern distinguishable from the one I made of Mai from Fatal Fury." None of that really matters that much, though, so I'll just post the new patterns and move on from there.

Now that I'm done with that, I have a WIP photo to post, of a seahorse pattern from Hancock's House of Happy, which is a super cool blog, that I started stitching yesterday. So far, it may just look like five badly photographed blobs of navy blue (which is bright blue in real life) on a piece of fabric, but eventually, it's going to look like a seahorse comprised of many brightly colored blobs. I don't think that it'll take too long to stitch, so I'm hoping to finish it before I get distracted!
I think that I'm done posting here for now, but I'll be back and writing more rubbish soon! Until then, have a nice week and good luck with all of the crafts that you may or may not be doing.

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  1. Do you take requests for patterns? Because I love your designs.