Monday, August 27, 2012

I'm Actually Going to Make the Kits I Have!

Hello! Since this is not a patterns post, it might not be the most exciting thing that I've ever put on the internet, at least for a lot of you that follow this blog. When I was trying to decide what to stitch the other day, however, it occurred to me that I had a few cross stitch kits that I'd gotten packed in with magazines that I'd never made. I went to gather them and see if I had anything worth stitching, and rather than having two or three kits to make, I realized that, when the magazine kits were combined with other tiny kits that I had to cross stitch, I had over a dozen of them rather than just a few. Since that seemed kind of excessive, I decided to see if I could stitch my way through them. Here are the photos of what I have to accomplish, minus one partially finished Care Bears mini kit.
Since I started this on Thursday, I've been pretty sure that I will not finish all these kits quickly, and will get distracted halfway through and stop working on them for months on end. I have made a little bit of noticeable progress since then, though, as I finished the kokeshi doll kit from issue 223 of Cross Stitcher, which was designed by Lucie Heaton. I didn't have a little frame for it, but in the magazine, it showed a really nice paper frame for it, so I tried that. Mine is not as good as the example in the magazine, but the scrapbook paper I cut it from was glittery, so that certainly isn't working against it. My scan is a little crooked, too, but the stitching still looks bright in the image I got, which is nice.
After finishing this kit, I started another one from Cross Stitcher, of a mirror pouch with two brightly colored birds on it. The colors with it don't really match the ones in the photo, but I'm hoping it works out anyway. Either way, it should be a quick project to stitch, and somewhat useful, too!

This is all the stuff I have for today, but I'm working on a ton of new patterns that I'm hoping to get formatted for this blog and take weeks to post them all. Before then, I may have another update on getting through all of these kits, but until then, I hope you're having good luck with whatever crafts you're working on and having a relatively nice start to your week!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Quick Post Before My Computer Does Something Weird and Erases It

Hello! Today, the font looks weird in my blog post editor, so I kind of expect something to go wrong with this when I click the publish button. Because of that, I'm not going to type too much, in the event that all of this post mysterious poofs away at some point while I'm working on it. For today, however, I have my last ready-to-post pattern for you guys, which is a portrait pattern of Mabel from Gravity Falls, a very entertaining cartoon that started airing on Disney Channel this summer. Usually, I don't need an excuse to do a cross stitch pattern of a cartoon character, but in this case, Mabel is a declared arts and crafts master, so it seemed, both to myself and to my sister, that it would be a good idea to make a pattern of her. It was probably a missed opportunity to not make a pattern where she had a hot glue gun stuck to herself, but for now, basic cross stitching is good enough. The pattern is pretty big, but since the character design isn't too complicated, neither is the chart, meaning that she's simple enough to cross stitch, perler bead, or build a giant shrine to in Minecraft with a decent amount of speed. No matter what craft you need this pattern for, I hope you like it!
I think that I'm about done here for today, but I do have some stuff that I need to get pictures of for my next post! I finished stitching another sheet of standees, which I want to show off mostly because I can, and I'm hoping to do something cool with perler beads soon, too. Right now, that involves sorting my perler beads, which is really boring and tedious, but once that's done, I can make all kinds of things without going through my buckets of them for an hour per tiny sprite, which will be nice. I should be back and posting again within the next couple of days, but until then, have a nice day!

Monday, August 20, 2012

I Did Nothing For This Month's IHSW, Though I Have the Rest of the Last Set of Hunger Games Sprite Patterns

Hello! This weekend was really busy, so I didn't end up doing any notable amount of stitching for International Hermit and Stitch weekend, which, as always, was kindly hosted by Joyzse at Random Ramblings. I did do some perler bead stuff that hasn't been ironed yet, and I'll have photos of that eventually, but for today, I have no stitching photos for those of you that clicked here through Joyze's list of links. I do, however, know a lot more than I did before the weekend about the state of Illinois' assistance programs to improve energy efficiency for low-income households, due to a community newsletter I've been working on, so that must count for something.

Of course, it would be a little boring to have a post dedicated entirely to the fact that I didn't do any cross stitching this weekend, so for today, I have the second half of the set of Hunger Games patterns that I started posting the week before last! As I mentioned in the last post for these sprite patterns, today's would be characters from the Capitol, so the characters included are Effie, Cinna, and Caesar, so if you liked these sprite patterns, but always sort of felt like they'd be better if the huge group of them included a pattern of Stanley Tucci with poofy blue hair, today, your dreams have come true. None of them include any backstitching, so they're ready to go for perler beading, but if you are using them for cross stitch, it might not be a bad idea to include a light backstitched line to help separate Effie's hair from her skin, as the colors are very similar. Other than that, I don't have any special notes about these patterns, so here they are.

I'm done blogging for today, but after I wash the dishes, I'm going to start on some new sprite patterns, so they, along with some larger patterns that have just been requested and that I've already finished, should be up before too long. Until then, I hope you have a nice week and good luck with whatever crafts you may be doing!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

More Monochrome Zelda and Some Stuff I Got In an Art Trade

Hello! I don't really have any pictures of my own stitching to post, since I've been doing standees and big plastic canvas stuff that'll be done pretty soon, so this might not be too long of a post. However, I wanted to do a blog post today, so I thought that I'd post a new monochrome Legend of Zelda pattern featuring Zelda! I know that I've already done a pattern for her, and one that quite a few of you stitched, too, but in that one, she was standing and smiling and being all pretty, but in this one, she's shooting an arrow, presumably in someone's face, so it's quite a different image. Because this one is a double in terms of which character it is, I also decided to make it a smaller chart, so she can be stitched quite quickly. It isn't like it's a tiny pattern, since it's still 105 stitches wide by 67 high, but it is a lot less than the other patterns in the set have been. Even though this Zelda is smaller in scale, though, I hope you guys like her!
Even though I don't have any WIP photos right now, I do have a picture of the nifty hair bows I got in the mail from my art trade with the owner and perler beader of Bead-iful Art! I sent her the Homestuck standees that I was writing about not too long ago, and in exchange, got these hair pins with perler beaded 8-bit style hair bows attached to them. They're really cool, since it's fun to have an accessory that looks straight out of a video game in real life, and while wearing them, they don't fall out of my hair or anything, which is even better. I'm very much looking forward to wearing one of them subbing and seeing what reaction they get in the teacher's lounge at lunch.
I think that I'm done posting for today, but I think that I'll be writing here again pretty soon. As far as sprite patterns go, I have the rest of the current set of Hunger Games sprites for my next post, featuring some characters from the Capitol. I have three new sets that I plan to work on from requests or for gifts, featuring the characters from Pokemon Conquest, Deadman Wonderland, and The Newsroom, so there'll be no variety there, and I'd also like to make the cast of Gilmore Girls, so that'll just add to the sanity when everything is jumbled up together. The cast of Capcom vs. SNK 2 isn't done yet, either, so maybe I'll throw some of those in the next few weeks, too. As for patterns that aren't the little sprites, I have two done of characters and/or woodland creatures from a really funny new cartoon called Gravity Falls, so those should get posted soon, too, and will probably do quite a few more things, too. If there are any anime or cartoon characters you'd like to see portrait patterns of, let me know! Other than that, I'm out of stuff to say, so have a good day and good luck with your stitching!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Four New Hunger Games Sprite Patterns and Some Stuff I Finished Stitching

Hello! I thought that it would be quite a while before I did another post here, since I've been switching to an older computer to format my cross stitch patterns to post here, but after yesterday, I finished up four more posts worth of patterns! I'm not sure if any of them are that exciting, but I do have two new bigger patterns, one being a new monochrome Zelda pattern, but not one that was previously mentioned, and a portrait pattern of a character from a cartoon that's currently airing on basic cable in the US. I also did a six sprite pattern set of not really minor, but less involved in actively killing each other characters from The Hunger Games, with a seventh pattern that I did because I wasn't sick of staring at pixels in Paint.NET after six of them, the first chunk of which I'm posting today. I've gotten asked about a couple of these characters in the past, and am sorry to say that, despite my best efforts, my difficulties in designing facial hair for sprite patterns, even with the help of backstitching and French knots, has gotten in the way of at least one of them for the time being. The exclusion that I got interrogated about with the most intensity, however, was that of Gale, who I think I made look a bit like Brock from Pokemon, but with flatter hair and actual eyes. Because of that, I'm posting the District 12 slightly-over-half of the sprite patterns today, with the aforementioned Gale, another outfit for Katniss, since I was making one of Prim, who is also included, and both of them were in the photo reference and the blue dress looked easier than it actually was to make, and Haymitch, since everyone likes to cross stitch Woody Harrelson.  I think that these patterns came out nicely enough to post, so I hope they prove useful for whatever purposes they may serve!

Now that those are posted and ready for stitching or beading or any of that sort of thing, I have some pictures of stuff that I finished making over the weekend! I thought that my scanner was almost dead, but when I hooked it up to the computer that I've been using lately, it worked perfectly, with no horrible noises or two minute pauses in the middle of the scans. This may sound irrelevant, but the magic of the scanner has allowed for actual visibility in my photos for today! The first one is of the milkshake I was working on, from Misako Murayama's nifty book Ondori Cross Stitch Patterns 2. It isn't really a subtle project, but it was fun to work on, and I like how it turned out! I'm still very confused as to what flavor or flavors this milkshake may be, but if nothing else, the colors are pretty well coordinated.
I also finished stitching three sprites of characters from the web comic Homestuck for an art trade and mailed them off to Texas this morning, meaning that my cross stitch standees are about to be present in three states! I did cut them out and make sure they stood up properly before sending them off, but here is a pre-chopping photo of them, with the characters, from left to right, being Jade, Karkat, and Dave. It took quite a bit of backstitching to get them to look right, but that made them more interesting to stitch, though they wouldn't have worked for perler beads.
I don't have any more stuff that I want to post right now, but I do have enough patterns in reserve that I'm hoping to post again within the next couple of days! As always, I appreciate you guys reading this blog and wish you all the best of luck with whatever crafty stuff you're working on.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

A Set of Requested Sprites More Colorful Than the Last

Hello! It's only been a few days since I last posted here, though it seems like it's been more than that, possibly because I haven't done that much related to this blog since then. As I said last time, however, I have three more requested sprite patterns ready to go for you guys, featuring Hyori from Bleach, another dress for Alice from Alice: Madness Returns, and another Vocaloid, Lapis! I think that it's a nice enough set of patterns, even though Lapis was one of the Vocaloids that I mailed off last week, meaning that you guys have already seen what she'd look like if you have bad eyesight and live in a slightly greenish world. Her pattern is fun to stitch, though, and I hope that the other two will be, too!
With those posted, I actually have some of my own stitching to post pictures of, even if none of it is complete. I found a project for the bright red thrift store project in Ondori Cross Stitch Volume 2, by Misako Murayama, featuring bright and colorful drinks, so I started stitching a milkshake a couple of days ago. So far, it looks sort of weird, and I don't have any idea what would be in a milkshake that has so many shades of orange, especially if you take that giant clump of purple in the middle into account. It's fun to make, though, and I think that it'll look cute in the end. Plus, at that point, I plan to scan it so that the colors don't come out so hideously odd, like they have in this picture.

I've also been working on some sprite pattern standees for an art trade with the owner of Bead-iful Art (, a perler bead accessory shop. The characters I'm making for her are from Homestuck, which I guess is a webcomic, though it's hard to think of what exactly you would call it, and they've been really fun to make so far. It was sort of cool to try and make the characters recognizable, especially since they were all in black and white with one contrast color being used, and it made them more interesting to stitch, too. Again, the picture is sort of blurry, but the finished ones are Jade and Karkat, with the not yet filled in one being Dave. I should get them done tonight, so I'll post a finished image of them before they get mailed away, so that some of the backstitch on them shows up.
I'm done blogging for today, but I have a few more patterns to get charted and formatted now, so I hope to do another post pretty soon! Until then, have a good day and good luck with your crafts!