Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Quick Post Before My Computer Does Something Weird and Erases It

Hello! Today, the font looks weird in my blog post editor, so I kind of expect something to go wrong with this when I click the publish button. Because of that, I'm not going to type too much, in the event that all of this post mysterious poofs away at some point while I'm working on it. For today, however, I have my last ready-to-post pattern for you guys, which is a portrait pattern of Mabel from Gravity Falls, a very entertaining cartoon that started airing on Disney Channel this summer. Usually, I don't need an excuse to do a cross stitch pattern of a cartoon character, but in this case, Mabel is a declared arts and crafts master, so it seemed, both to myself and to my sister, that it would be a good idea to make a pattern of her. It was probably a missed opportunity to not make a pattern where she had a hot glue gun stuck to herself, but for now, basic cross stitching is good enough. The pattern is pretty big, but since the character design isn't too complicated, neither is the chart, meaning that she's simple enough to cross stitch, perler bead, or build a giant shrine to in Minecraft with a decent amount of speed. No matter what craft you need this pattern for, I hope you like it!
I think that I'm about done here for today, but I do have some stuff that I need to get pictures of for my next post! I finished stitching another sheet of standees, which I want to show off mostly because I can, and I'm hoping to do something cool with perler beads soon, too. Right now, that involves sorting my perler beads, which is really boring and tedious, but once that's done, I can make all kinds of things without going through my buckets of them for an hour per tiny sprite, which will be nice. I should be back and posting again within the next couple of days, but until then, have a nice day!

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  1. Oh my gosh, I'm gonna make that for my niece! GF is her favorite show. Can I ask you how to make a cross stitch chartt from a pic?