Saturday, August 4, 2012

A Set of Requested Sprites More Colorful Than the Last

Hello! It's only been a few days since I last posted here, though it seems like it's been more than that, possibly because I haven't done that much related to this blog since then. As I said last time, however, I have three more requested sprite patterns ready to go for you guys, featuring Hyori from Bleach, another dress for Alice from Alice: Madness Returns, and another Vocaloid, Lapis! I think that it's a nice enough set of patterns, even though Lapis was one of the Vocaloids that I mailed off last week, meaning that you guys have already seen what she'd look like if you have bad eyesight and live in a slightly greenish world. Her pattern is fun to stitch, though, and I hope that the other two will be, too!
With those posted, I actually have some of my own stitching to post pictures of, even if none of it is complete. I found a project for the bright red thrift store project in Ondori Cross Stitch Volume 2, by Misako Murayama, featuring bright and colorful drinks, so I started stitching a milkshake a couple of days ago. So far, it looks sort of weird, and I don't have any idea what would be in a milkshake that has so many shades of orange, especially if you take that giant clump of purple in the middle into account. It's fun to make, though, and I think that it'll look cute in the end. Plus, at that point, I plan to scan it so that the colors don't come out so hideously odd, like they have in this picture.

I've also been working on some sprite pattern standees for an art trade with the owner of Bead-iful Art (, a perler bead accessory shop. The characters I'm making for her are from Homestuck, which I guess is a webcomic, though it's hard to think of what exactly you would call it, and they've been really fun to make so far. It was sort of cool to try and make the characters recognizable, especially since they were all in black and white with one contrast color being used, and it made them more interesting to stitch, too. Again, the picture is sort of blurry, but the finished ones are Jade and Karkat, with the not yet filled in one being Dave. I should get them done tonight, so I'll post a finished image of them before they get mailed away, so that some of the backstitch on them shows up.
I'm done blogging for today, but I have a few more patterns to get charted and formatted now, so I hope to do another post pretty soon! Until then, have a good day and good luck with your crafts!

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