Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Four New Hunger Games Sprite Patterns and Some Stuff I Finished Stitching

Hello! I thought that it would be quite a while before I did another post here, since I've been switching to an older computer to format my cross stitch patterns to post here, but after yesterday, I finished up four more posts worth of patterns! I'm not sure if any of them are that exciting, but I do have two new bigger patterns, one being a new monochrome Zelda pattern, but not one that was previously mentioned, and a portrait pattern of a character from a cartoon that's currently airing on basic cable in the US. I also did a six sprite pattern set of not really minor, but less involved in actively killing each other characters from The Hunger Games, with a seventh pattern that I did because I wasn't sick of staring at pixels in Paint.NET after six of them, the first chunk of which I'm posting today. I've gotten asked about a couple of these characters in the past, and am sorry to say that, despite my best efforts, my difficulties in designing facial hair for sprite patterns, even with the help of backstitching and French knots, has gotten in the way of at least one of them for the time being. The exclusion that I got interrogated about with the most intensity, however, was that of Gale, who I think I made look a bit like Brock from Pokemon, but with flatter hair and actual eyes. Because of that, I'm posting the District 12 slightly-over-half of the sprite patterns today, with the aforementioned Gale, another outfit for Katniss, since I was making one of Prim, who is also included, and both of them were in the photo reference and the blue dress looked easier than it actually was to make, and Haymitch, since everyone likes to cross stitch Woody Harrelson.  I think that these patterns came out nicely enough to post, so I hope they prove useful for whatever purposes they may serve!

Now that those are posted and ready for stitching or beading or any of that sort of thing, I have some pictures of stuff that I finished making over the weekend! I thought that my scanner was almost dead, but when I hooked it up to the computer that I've been using lately, it worked perfectly, with no horrible noises or two minute pauses in the middle of the scans. This may sound irrelevant, but the magic of the scanner has allowed for actual visibility in my photos for today! The first one is of the milkshake I was working on, from Misako Murayama's nifty book Ondori Cross Stitch Patterns 2. It isn't really a subtle project, but it was fun to work on, and I like how it turned out! I'm still very confused as to what flavor or flavors this milkshake may be, but if nothing else, the colors are pretty well coordinated.
I also finished stitching three sprites of characters from the web comic Homestuck for an art trade and mailed them off to Texas this morning, meaning that my cross stitch standees are about to be present in three states! I did cut them out and make sure they stood up properly before sending them off, but here is a pre-chopping photo of them, with the characters, from left to right, being Jade, Karkat, and Dave. It took quite a bit of backstitching to get them to look right, but that made them more interesting to stitch, though they wouldn't have worked for perler beads.
I don't have any more stuff that I want to post right now, but I do have enough patterns in reserve that I'm hoping to post again within the next couple of days! As always, I appreciate you guys reading this blog and wish you all the best of luck with whatever crafty stuff you're working on.


  1. yay Hunger games sprites! And I'm really curious as to that new Zelda monochrome....

  2. Excellent job on the Hunger Games sprites, I really like that you made one of Haymitch! Your milkshake looks awesome too- maybe it's some sort of rainbow sherbert shake, haha :-)

  3. I tried messaging you on Google+, but it didn't work. I was wondering where you bought your floss? I can't find a "Skin" color string that isn't too red or too pale. I'm trying to work on a pattern for my mom, but it's just not coming out right. I haven't had the problem with any of my other patterns.

  4. *giggles* That's a raspberry orange sherbert milkshake..... or a really interesting 50's style glass.

    The sprite patterns you stitched up are really cool!

  5. I have a question. How do you finish your non-square cross stitch items? I want to cross stitch She-Ra earrings, but I don't know how to finish the edge.

  6. Your milkshake looks quite yummy! Makes me want some ice cream :D
    Nice sprites!!!