Tuesday, August 14, 2012

More Monochrome Zelda and Some Stuff I Got In an Art Trade

Hello! I don't really have any pictures of my own stitching to post, since I've been doing standees and big plastic canvas stuff that'll be done pretty soon, so this might not be too long of a post. However, I wanted to do a blog post today, so I thought that I'd post a new monochrome Legend of Zelda pattern featuring Zelda! I know that I've already done a pattern for her, and one that quite a few of you stitched, too, but in that one, she was standing and smiling and being all pretty, but in this one, she's shooting an arrow, presumably in someone's face, so it's quite a different image. Because this one is a double in terms of which character it is, I also decided to make it a smaller chart, so she can be stitched quite quickly. It isn't like it's a tiny pattern, since it's still 105 stitches wide by 67 high, but it is a lot less than the other patterns in the set have been. Even though this Zelda is smaller in scale, though, I hope you guys like her!
Even though I don't have any WIP photos right now, I do have a picture of the nifty hair bows I got in the mail from my art trade with the owner and perler beader of Bead-iful Art! I sent her the Homestuck standees that I was writing about not too long ago, and in exchange, got these hair pins with perler beaded 8-bit style hair bows attached to them. They're really cool, since it's fun to have an accessory that looks straight out of a video game in real life, and while wearing them, they don't fall out of my hair or anything, which is even better. I'm very much looking forward to wearing one of them subbing and seeing what reaction they get in the teacher's lounge at lunch.
I think that I'm done posting for today, but I think that I'll be writing here again pretty soon. As far as sprite patterns go, I have the rest of the current set of Hunger Games sprites for my next post, featuring some characters from the Capitol. I have three new sets that I plan to work on from requests or for gifts, featuring the characters from Pokemon Conquest, Deadman Wonderland, and The Newsroom, so there'll be no variety there, and I'd also like to make the cast of Gilmore Girls, so that'll just add to the sanity when everything is jumbled up together. The cast of Capcom vs. SNK 2 isn't done yet, either, so maybe I'll throw some of those in the next few weeks, too. As for patterns that aren't the little sprites, I have two done of characters and/or woodland creatures from a really funny new cartoon called Gravity Falls, so those should get posted soon, too, and will probably do quite a few more things, too. If there are any anime or cartoon characters you'd like to see portrait patterns of, let me know! Other than that, I'm out of stuff to say, so have a good day and good luck with your stitching!


  1. Yay Zelda! I love this version! I've already printed it out and this is my next project after my insanity that will end August 21st. Sweet, thank you!!

  2. Those bows are *adorable*!!!

    And thank you for the new Zelda pattern where she's being a bad arse to someone *grins* I'm sure they deserved it.

    As for more sprites... *laughs* I've got a ton of suggestions: Petshop of Horrors, Trinity Blood, Princess Princess to name a few.

  3. Oooh, another Zelda. Love her. :D I don't think I ever told you that I have the first one printed and carries her around with me in my bag of "things I want to stitch." One day... one day... :D