Friday, September 7, 2012

Some Cross Stitching and Perler Beading I've Finished, Including More Kits!

Hello! Before I go on and on about the stuff I made, I would like to say that I am working on some new patterns, and that, especially with the sprite ones, there will soon be a deluge of them posted. I've gotten piles and piles of requests for a wide variety of different characters from different things, so, alongside ones that I've made for my own purposes, that means that I'll have dozens of new tiny cross stitch patterns to post once I finish a couple of new sets and turn on a different machine to format them. I'll also have some nifty new portrait patterns, so I hope those end up nicely, too! For today, though, I have another pile of photos of stuff I've made and am working on, so here they are!

One of the problems with my quest to finish the tiny kits I have laying around is that it does not involve doing crafty versions of sprites, either of my own design or from video games. I still want to make that sort of thing, though, so I've just been doing it with perler beads. Getting my beads organized has allowed me to do more elaborate projects more quickly, so on Wednesday night, I did this perler version of an NPC sprite from The World Ends With You. It took a few hours to make her, and I thought I'd ruin the whole thing while I was ironing her, but in the end, I was very happy with the project! She's a little over a foot tall, and I mounted her to a canvas that's painted in a solid pearl pink. The colors are a little too orange in this photo, but not by too much, so I don't really mind it. I really want to do a perler version of another of these characters, though! Even though I reduced the colors in the sprite by two or three to accommodate the low number of perler grays, I still think she's pretty detailed.
I've also been making smaller perler stuff, though, with these four melted plastic versions of some of my sprite patterns!
From left to right, the four characters are the unnamed new female trainer from Pokemon Black/White 2, Nell from Pangya, Blue Mary from Fatal Fury/King of Fighters, and Yuna from Final Fantasy X. The middle two are both from new patterns, though neither were requested ones, and Yuna is a few months old rather than having been made on Tuesday, like the rest of them. She turned out well, though, so she got thrown in the picture.

In regards to my cross stitching, I've finished a couple more of the tiny kits that I wrote about in my last post! The mirror case kit ended up being sort of a wad of rubbish, with the wrong colors included and an incomplete chart, but as I'd been warned about the color deficiency by Little Red Emo Hood of Skates and Stitches, I was prepared with some yellow floss to substitute for one of the oranges. It was cool to sew together and ended up being a nice item, though, so that was good. After that, however, I finished a Care Bears kit, featuring Wish Bear, that I'd gotten a couple of years ago just because I knew all of the proper floss would be there. I bought it partially because I felt bad for Wish Bear being the only character in a set of 4 or 5 kits that was on clearance and partially because it was extremely cheap. I like how this one came out, too, though, so it wasn't a disappointment. The last item in the photo, at the bottom of it, is a snowman kit that I almost have finished and ready to stick in its frame, so that'll be complete by the end of the night. All I need to do is add some backstitching and trim it up.
I've made more progress with this than I expected to, but I also found two more kits, with one of them including two items, so I don't think I've gone anywhere at all. They should be interesting to make, though, so it's not necessarily a bad thing.
This is all the crafty stuff that I've done since my last post, so I'm taking my leave of this blog for now. After I finish some more patterns and stitch some more kits, however, I hope to be back with more posting. Until then, I hope you guys have a good weekend!


  1. Wow, you're going great guns on those kits. *grins* They're turning out beautifully. I can't wait to see what you work on next!

  2. Everything looks REALLY cute! You're certainly racking up the finishes :D

  3. Awwww, Care Bear! Love him. But those birds are to die for. :D And the snowman....awwwww!!!!! :D

    I really love the girl in the first pic. Over a foot tall.... I'd never have guess!!! She looks AWESOME! :D

  4. Your things are awesome, I was looking for Sailor moon to do in hama and I found this treasure, thanks a lot.
    I start following you, of course