Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Mario Princess, an Adopted Testing Expert, and an Anime Boy in a Dress

Hello! Tonight's post is not going to be incredibly long, since I'm feeling scatterbrained and sleepy, but I've got a ton of sprite pattern charts done, so I want to post some of them. For tonight, I have two requests and one random one, though in my last post, there was some confusion with one of my requested charts. Since I had never seen Princess Princess, as I worked on the patterns of the characters, I had to rely on my own notes to label them. Unfortunately, my notes were wrong, and I ended up accidentally labeling Toru as Mikoto. I wrote all about this in an edit at the top of the last post, if you're curious, but for today, I have the actual Mikoto. Aside from the labeling trouble, I think he's my favorite of the three Princess Princess patterns, since he has fluffy hair and I like the dress color. It isn't all that different from the last one, though, since they all have matching dresses, so there should be no complications with stitching it!
For tonight's second chart, I made Princess Rosalina from Super Mario Galaxy. I wrote down all of the characters mentioned in my last post's comments, but since I already have charts for Princess Peach and Princess Daisy, I thought it would be fun to make Rosalina to match them. Stitching her would involve quite a bit of blue floss, but I think she came out well and am looking forward to making her myself. Anonymous requester, I hope you like her, too!
Tonight's last pattern, which is the not requested member of the set, was sort of picked out of my finished cross stitch patterns folder at random. Though I have a lot in there, there's some stuff I'm saving so that I have requests in every post, and some that I'm holding back so that I can have a couple of nifty completed sets to post during sprite patterns December. Out of the ones that remain, however, I picked a pattern of Chell from Portal. I know that it may not have been my most practical choice, but when making this sprite, I decided to use some stuff from her character design from both the first and second Portal games, since neither of them looked quite right on their own. In the end, she's wearing orange, has her portal gun, and ought to look cute next to my standee of Gordon from Half-Life, which is what seems to matter. Plus, she's probably better liked than Ryoko from World Heroes, so that doesn't hurt, either.
I'm finished for now, but in my next post, I'll have new patterns, a WIP photo of a sparkly mermaid kit that I'm working on, and, in all likelihood, a prohibitive wall of irrelevant text. Until then, I hope you had a happy Halloween and are ending the rest of your week well!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Two Requested Sprite Patterns and One I'm Not Sure Anyone Wanted

Edit: I was working on charts for a different post and realized that the Princess Princess character that I posted here was named Toru, not Mikoto! I've changed the name on the chart and reuploaded it, so it'll be tidier if you're printing the patterns, but left the error intact in the text. Hopefully, this doesn't make anyone else's heads hurt as much as it does mine.

Hello! Since the International Hermit and Stitch Weekend, I haven't done much stitching at all, except for one sprite pattern standee, and that doesn't seem worth posting about until I get the rest of her row done. I have been working pretty steadily on new sprite patterns, though, which means that, not only do I have a massive catalog of patterns that almost guarantees I'll always have new ones to make, I also have plenty of things to post here!

For today, I have three new sprite patterns to post, the first two of which were requested. The first of the three is the first in a requested pattern set from an anime called Princess Princess which I don't know that much about, other than the fact that it's about boys who dress like girls for their classmates. The upside of this for me, while I was making the patterns, is that they happen to dress like really frilly girls, and I also found an image where the characters seemed to be dressed up like a girl group. The majority of their outfits seemed to be in black and gray, so I'm not sure it was my best idea to go with the pretty pastel outfits, as far as making the characters recognizable goes. I think that it made them a well-coordinated looking set that would be fun to make, though, so I hope that you guys like them, too! Here is Mikoto, the first of the set, who will be followed with two more charts in future posts.

The other requested sprite pattern that I'm posting for today is of Rin from Fate/Stay Night, another anime which I do not know that much about. I do know that it was a well regarded show based on a visual novel that I most likely would not play, though the fighting game on PSP looks all pretty and shiny, and I would like to eventually play that. However, I really liked making this pattern and think that Rin came out really well, especially with the poofy hair and flippy little skirt, so I hope that it works for the person that requested her! The gray is lighter on the preview image than it will be when stitched, but that's the only note I have about her.
The last pattern for today is of generic karate girl Ryoko, from the generic fighting game World Heroes! I had this pattern in my folder, and had mostly made her for myself, but since I was posting two things people had actually asked for, it seemed like she'd be a good character to round out the set, rather than saving her for a post in sprite patterns December.
After that completely logical set of patterns, I'm done for today, but I plan to start making more patterns as soon as I'm done typing the conclusion to this post. I should be back soon with more of this nonsense, and, as always, if you have any sprite pattern requests, let me know, since I'll be posting them every day in December! Good luck with all of your crafts, and have a nice evening!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

IHSW October, With a Bonus Chart and an Extra Photo of the Stuff I Stitched Last Week

Hello! Tonight, I finished off another International Stitch and Hermit Weekend, as hosted by Joysze of Random Ramblings! Originally, I thought that I'd work on the Chun-Li pattern I posted on Monday, but instead, I just ended up working on my sprite patterns, which I guess is not as interesting. Thanks to some movies on Netflix and stuff on TV, though, I did get five of them done, which is the best I've been able to do in a weekend for quite a while! I barely worked on them at all on Saturday, too, so I didn't expect to get so many done at all. Here is a photo of my stitching from Friday to today, all of which was done on 14-count plastic canvas so that I can eventually chop these into standees. I have nearly 60 of them lined up to cut out now, and am not really looking forward to doing it.
My scan of these ended up being a little more gray than I wanted to, but I've done worse with my scanner in the past. From left to right, the characters I stitched this weekend are Cassandra from Soul Calibur (who is the fanciest of any of these by a long shot, with colors that look really nice in real life), Matt from Death Note (who I don't remember very well from the anime, but looked like he'd be fun to make), Crimson Viper from Street Fighter, Barry from Pokemon (who has a glitter scarf), and Pleinair from Disgaea. Cassandra and Pleinair haven't been posted here yet, so I guess they were sort of contraband sprites. I do have a post-able chart done for Cassandra, though, so here she is! She's yet another character from a fighting game, and has so many tiny spots of color that she takes longer than the rest to stitch, but I think that her sprite ends up looking really cool in the end. I don't have a nice chart made up for Pleinair yet, but if any of you want one, let me know.

Now that the stuff from this weekend is covered, I can backtrack a little to post the row of sprite patterns that I finished stitching on Thursday night! All of the patterns I made here have been posted, some of them very recently, so I won't have any new patterns after this. These six sprites were really fun to stitch, though, and if you like them, all of the patterns can be found in this blog's previous posts!
From left to right, the sprites stitched here are Tidus from Final Fantasy X, Seth and Ramon from King of Fighters, and Naruto and Lupin the III, both of whom are from shows that are named after them. The last, very tiny sprite is of Luna from Sailor Moon. It was sort of difficult to read the Naruto chart, so I need to go back and see if it's blurry on here or just from a bad printer day, but the rest of them went really well. 

Now that I have all of that posted, I'm done for today, but I'll be back and posting again with more patterns very soon! Until then, I hope your week gets off to a good start, and am looking forward to reading a ton of other IHSW posts!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Arcade Perfect or Not, Chun-Li is Ready to Stitch

Hello! Today, I'm not posting any new sprite patterns, though I'm pretty sure that I'll have three new ones in the next couple of days, probably featuring a set of characters that Tazzy requested. For this post, however, I have a very impractical cross stitch pattern, featuring Chun-Li from Street Fighter! I can't remember what I was doing that lead to me reading about it at all, though I can almost guarantee that it involved reading a website about bad video games, but I recently found out that there were versions of Street Fighter II for computers that, at this point, are more than a little antiquated. Since I'd had a Commodore 64 when I was little and couldn't imagine what a Street Fighter game would look like on it, I looked it up only to find out that, if you were patient enough to wait through piles and piles of load times,both before and between fights, the answer was that it did not look pretty. When I looked at the graphics, though, it seemed like it would be cool to compare some of the sprites from versions of the game with less detailed graphics, which led to today's pattern!

The cross stitch pattern that I just finished up features four different sprites of Chun-Li, all taken from sources that didn't quite match the arcade's version of Street Fighter II. From left to right, the systems she came from here are the Commodore 64, Game Boy (which I'm sure wasn't at all evident from the monochrome green), NES, and Neo Geo Pocket Color. The first two are from actual attempts at making Street Fighter II for other machines, and the NES sprite might be from one, too, though Street Fighter III was a weird pirated game rather than a real licensed one, no matter how much spiffier that Chun-Li looks than the C64 one does. The Neo Geo Pocket Color one is from SNK vs. Capcom: Mark of the Millennium, but I like the sprite and needed another short one to put on the end, so that one got to be included, too. (I wanted to include a sprite from a machine that I hadn't heard of in America, though I'd read a ton about it from UK magazines and websites, called the ZX Spectrum, but, as cool as that Street Fighter II's sprites looked, they were a lot larger than the others that I used, and, for some reason, often had Chun-Li with half of her foot missing, so that didn't make the cut.)

In order to make the differences between the sprites clear, I tried to be as accurate as possible with matching floss colors to on-screen colors, and I used the same pose for each different style, just because that seemed like it could be cool. Though the level of detail varies wildly from sprite to sprite, it's not too intense on any of them, so I don't think this would be the most time-consuming project ever. I'm going to find out about that for sure when I get out some fabric and start on it later, though, and hope that you guys like it, too!
Now that I have that posted, I think that I'm done for today, but, as I said before, I'll be back soon with new sprite patterns! Until then, have a good week and good luck with your crafts!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Three King of Fighters Sprite Patterns and Some Sprites I've Finished

Hello! Before I go too far into this post, I have a note to make about a pattern that I posted last year. I've been making a lot of cross stitched sprite patterns lately, and last night, I started stitching one of Tidus from Final Fantasy X. However, there is an error on the floss color key where it says "m- 3799" when it should say "m- 977." I know that this is a terrible error, since no one could possibly figure out that a skin tone should be used there instead of dark gray, especially with the preview image right next to it, so I wanted to get that posted here.

With that out of the way, I have a few new sprite patterns for the day, though the fact that they feature three King of Fighters characters means that there's not much variety for today. I got unreasonably excited about working on these patterns, though, so I charted them for cross stitching and got them ready to post immediately, mostly so I could print them and stitch them for myself. Someone else had initially mentioned two out of three of the characters here, so this isn't quite as deranged as some of my past fighting game posts have been, and if Vanessa and Ramon hadn't been mentioned, I would have been posting two original characters from Neo Geo Battle Coliseum, which is even more specific than the King of Fighters stuff is. I think that all three of them ended up being pretty cool, though, so if you also like King of Fighters, or have just been dying to cross stitch a guy with an eyepatch in lime green pants, I hope that you like today's patterns! Here, for your crafting pleasure, are Vanessa, Seth (complete with his odd facial hair), and Ramon.

I have tons of sprite patterns stockpiled at this point, so I'll have another set of three of them, possibly with a bit more variety, very soon. Before I go for today, though, I've finished a row of cross stitched sprite patterns on my latest sheet of perforated plastic canvas, and want to show them off! I think that all of the patterns for these have been posted, so there's nothing too exciting or surprising, but from left to right, the characters here are Mature and Vice from King of Fighters, who obviously had parents who loved them very much during the whole naming thing, Link, from the Legend of Zelda games, Yoruichi from Bleach, and Poshul from Chrono Cross. It was fun to make these, and Yoruichi even has glitter hair that didn't quite show up in the scan, which is always nifty.
Now I'm done for today, but, as I warned before, I'll be back with new patterns soon. Until then, I hope that you're having a good weekend and doing well with your crafts!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Three More Sprite Patterns, Featuring One Request and Two Video Game Boys in White Coats

Hello! Today was Columbus Day, so in the district where I substitute teach, there was no school, meaning that I couldn't possibly be called for a day of subbing. Originally, I intended to use the guaranteed free afternoon to work on patterns and do a post on this blog. Instead, I sat around and played a fan-made Atari 2600 version of Portal, which was perhaps a slightly less productive way to spend my time. Even though it's a lot later now, however, I'm still ready to post, and then make at least one new sprite pattern before I go to bed!

I made 8 new cross stitch charts from sprites I had done last night, since I wanted to be able to print up a couple of pages for my sprite patterns binder. My choices were, as they usually are, completely arbitrary, so it was a little difficult to decide which three to post today. It seemed like it would be a good idea to post at least one request, so I decided to use one from a set of requested random characters. The chart of Yuki from Vampire Knight in my last set was from the same list, so I know I'm letting a lot of requests slide while I focus on these, but my pattern of Amu Hinamori from Shugo Chara ended up working so well that I'm very excited about posting her. I don't know much about the character, other than that she has fun pink hair and fancy socks, but it was really fun to make this chart, and, despite my unfamiliarity with the source material, I plan to stitch her myself. After that, I decided to go with two video game character charts, featuring Soma Cruz from Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow/Dawn of Sorrow and Ky-Kiske from Guilty Gear. The characters don't have anything to do with each other, but their outfits match pretty well, so I thought it would be fun to post them at the same time. I've actually stitched Ky before, much earlier this year, and was thrilled with how it came out, so I can vouch for the quality of that pattern. I'm working on some more Guilty Gear sprite patterns, too, so those should be posted in the near future. For now, however, here are today's three new sprite patterns, for whatever crafting fun for which you'd like to use them!

With those posted, I'm done for today, though I have been stitching piles of these sprites for myself again. I should have a photo of my new stitched ones soon, but in the past few days, I've made Mature and Vice from the King of Fighters games and Link from The Legend of Zelda, with the outline of Yoruichi from Bleach's arm having been added to my current sheet of plastic canvas right before I turned on my computer. Rather than give her another arm or a torso or anything like that right now, however, I'm going to go do a little more with some sprite patterns before I head off to bed. I still have tons of content prepared to post, so I'll be back here again very soon. Until then, have a nice start to your week, and good luck with your crafts!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Three New Sprite Patterns With Nothing Whatsoever Connecting Them

Hello! I've been really slow to make nice and readable versions of new cross stitch patterns, so it's been a while since I last posted. In order to get enough done to regularly have new posts, however, I've been trying my best to get at least one new sprite and one new charted version of a sprite done every day. As always, it's a weird combination of requests and patterns that no one really asked for other than me, but it's fun to work on them, and by doing so much, I'm getting an early start on this blog's third Sprite Patterns December, too! For today, though, I'm just going to post three new sprite patterns that were pretty much randomly chosen. Yuki Cross, from Vampire Knight, is the only requested pattern of the set, but to go with her I chose Draggy, one of the cute animal-type characters from Chrono Cross, since it was sort of fun to try and make non-human characters, and Jasmine, in her outfit from Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver, since it never hurts to post a new pattern of a gym leader. They don't really have anything to do with one another, but I think that all three of the patterns came out pretty well, so I hope that you guys like them!
With those three patterns posted, I think that I'm done for today, since I've been stitching, but don't really have any cool WIP photos or anything to post. I found a couple of really spiffy cross stitch pattern fliers at Goodwill today, though- one of Scandanavian Christmas patterns and another of traditional English samplers- and am hoping to work on at least something from one of them later. I have plenty of new sprite patterns to chart and am always working on more, so I'll be posting again soon, but, until then, have a nice weekend!