Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Mario Princess, an Adopted Testing Expert, and an Anime Boy in a Dress

Hello! Tonight's post is not going to be incredibly long, since I'm feeling scatterbrained and sleepy, but I've got a ton of sprite pattern charts done, so I want to post some of them. For tonight, I have two requests and one random one, though in my last post, there was some confusion with one of my requested charts. Since I had never seen Princess Princess, as I worked on the patterns of the characters, I had to rely on my own notes to label them. Unfortunately, my notes were wrong, and I ended up accidentally labeling Toru as Mikoto. I wrote all about this in an edit at the top of the last post, if you're curious, but for today, I have the actual Mikoto. Aside from the labeling trouble, I think he's my favorite of the three Princess Princess patterns, since he has fluffy hair and I like the dress color. It isn't all that different from the last one, though, since they all have matching dresses, so there should be no complications with stitching it!
For tonight's second chart, I made Princess Rosalina from Super Mario Galaxy. I wrote down all of the characters mentioned in my last post's comments, but since I already have charts for Princess Peach and Princess Daisy, I thought it would be fun to make Rosalina to match them. Stitching her would involve quite a bit of blue floss, but I think she came out well and am looking forward to making her myself. Anonymous requester, I hope you like her, too!
Tonight's last pattern, which is the not requested member of the set, was sort of picked out of my finished cross stitch patterns folder at random. Though I have a lot in there, there's some stuff I'm saving so that I have requests in every post, and some that I'm holding back so that I can have a couple of nifty completed sets to post during sprite patterns December. Out of the ones that remain, however, I picked a pattern of Chell from Portal. I know that it may not have been my most practical choice, but when making this sprite, I decided to use some stuff from her character design from both the first and second Portal games, since neither of them looked quite right on their own. In the end, she's wearing orange, has her portal gun, and ought to look cute next to my standee of Gordon from Half-Life, which is what seems to matter. Plus, she's probably better liked than Ryoko from World Heroes, so that doesn't hurt, either.
I'm finished for now, but in my next post, I'll have new patterns, a WIP photo of a sparkly mermaid kit that I'm working on, and, in all likelihood, a prohibitive wall of irrelevant text. Until then, I hope you had a happy Halloween and are ending the rest of your week well!


  1. I can't wait to see the WIP photo of a sparkly mermaid kit! I wish I could cross stitch as much as I used to, but I've found I rarely have time for it anymore. Do you prefer to make sprite patterns, or actually stitching?

  2. Princess Rosalina looks adorable. I love her dress and hair!

  3. Rosalina!!!! Thank You!!!!!