Monday, October 15, 2012

Arcade Perfect or Not, Chun-Li is Ready to Stitch

Hello! Today, I'm not posting any new sprite patterns, though I'm pretty sure that I'll have three new ones in the next couple of days, probably featuring a set of characters that Tazzy requested. For this post, however, I have a very impractical cross stitch pattern, featuring Chun-Li from Street Fighter! I can't remember what I was doing that lead to me reading about it at all, though I can almost guarantee that it involved reading a website about bad video games, but I recently found out that there were versions of Street Fighter II for computers that, at this point, are more than a little antiquated. Since I'd had a Commodore 64 when I was little and couldn't imagine what a Street Fighter game would look like on it, I looked it up only to find out that, if you were patient enough to wait through piles and piles of load times,both before and between fights, the answer was that it did not look pretty. When I looked at the graphics, though, it seemed like it would be cool to compare some of the sprites from versions of the game with less detailed graphics, which led to today's pattern!

The cross stitch pattern that I just finished up features four different sprites of Chun-Li, all taken from sources that didn't quite match the arcade's version of Street Fighter II. From left to right, the systems she came from here are the Commodore 64, Game Boy (which I'm sure wasn't at all evident from the monochrome green), NES, and Neo Geo Pocket Color. The first two are from actual attempts at making Street Fighter II for other machines, and the NES sprite might be from one, too, though Street Fighter III was a weird pirated game rather than a real licensed one, no matter how much spiffier that Chun-Li looks than the C64 one does. The Neo Geo Pocket Color one is from SNK vs. Capcom: Mark of the Millennium, but I like the sprite and needed another short one to put on the end, so that one got to be included, too. (I wanted to include a sprite from a machine that I hadn't heard of in America, though I'd read a ton about it from UK magazines and websites, called the ZX Spectrum, but, as cool as that Street Fighter II's sprites looked, they were a lot larger than the others that I used, and, for some reason, often had Chun-Li with half of her foot missing, so that didn't make the cut.)

In order to make the differences between the sprites clear, I tried to be as accurate as possible with matching floss colors to on-screen colors, and I used the same pose for each different style, just because that seemed like it could be cool. Though the level of detail varies wildly from sprite to sprite, it's not too intense on any of them, so I don't think this would be the most time-consuming project ever. I'm going to find out about that for sure when I get out some fabric and start on it later, though, and hope that you guys like it, too!
Now that I have that posted, I think that I'm done for today, but, as I said before, I'll be back soon with new sprite patterns! Until then, have a good week and good luck with your crafts!


  1. Oh wow!!! All the different versions, cool!! They had a hulk green one???

  2. Looks like a fun project! Gonna show WIP pics?
    Also, thanks that you'll be making more Avengers Sprites someday :D Makes me very happy! Can't wait to see who the third might be!

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