Sunday, October 21, 2012

IHSW October, With a Bonus Chart and an Extra Photo of the Stuff I Stitched Last Week

Hello! Tonight, I finished off another International Stitch and Hermit Weekend, as hosted by Joysze of Random Ramblings! Originally, I thought that I'd work on the Chun-Li pattern I posted on Monday, but instead, I just ended up working on my sprite patterns, which I guess is not as interesting. Thanks to some movies on Netflix and stuff on TV, though, I did get five of them done, which is the best I've been able to do in a weekend for quite a while! I barely worked on them at all on Saturday, too, so I didn't expect to get so many done at all. Here is a photo of my stitching from Friday to today, all of which was done on 14-count plastic canvas so that I can eventually chop these into standees. I have nearly 60 of them lined up to cut out now, and am not really looking forward to doing it.
My scan of these ended up being a little more gray than I wanted to, but I've done worse with my scanner in the past. From left to right, the characters I stitched this weekend are Cassandra from Soul Calibur (who is the fanciest of any of these by a long shot, with colors that look really nice in real life), Matt from Death Note (who I don't remember very well from the anime, but looked like he'd be fun to make), Crimson Viper from Street Fighter, Barry from Pokemon (who has a glitter scarf), and Pleinair from Disgaea. Cassandra and Pleinair haven't been posted here yet, so I guess they were sort of contraband sprites. I do have a post-able chart done for Cassandra, though, so here she is! She's yet another character from a fighting game, and has so many tiny spots of color that she takes longer than the rest to stitch, but I think that her sprite ends up looking really cool in the end. I don't have a nice chart made up for Pleinair yet, but if any of you want one, let me know.

Now that the stuff from this weekend is covered, I can backtrack a little to post the row of sprite patterns that I finished stitching on Thursday night! All of the patterns I made here have been posted, some of them very recently, so I won't have any new patterns after this. These six sprites were really fun to stitch, though, and if you like them, all of the patterns can be found in this blog's previous posts!
From left to right, the sprites stitched here are Tidus from Final Fantasy X, Seth and Ramon from King of Fighters, and Naruto and Lupin the III, both of whom are from shows that are named after them. The last, very tiny sprite is of Luna from Sailor Moon. It was sort of difficult to read the Naruto chart, so I need to go back and see if it's blurry on here or just from a bad printer day, but the rest of them went really well. 

Now that I have all of that posted, I'm done for today, but I'll be back and posting again with more patterns very soon! Until then, I hope your week gets off to a good start, and am looking forward to reading a ton of other IHSW posts!


  1. Very cute, well done on your successful IHSW :)

  2. Sprites work too!! :D You got a lot done. Love the purple cat from the last bout. :D

  3. Those are so cool! Fantastic progress :)

  4. I feel somewhat geekily proud that I could recognize four of your six stitches, lol! For some reason I thought Seth was Rude (FFVII) at first and was really confused by the white hair... I was like, "his bald is really shiny!" LOL /random

    Love the Luna one, so cute~