Saturday, October 13, 2012

Three King of Fighters Sprite Patterns and Some Sprites I've Finished

Hello! Before I go too far into this post, I have a note to make about a pattern that I posted last year. I've been making a lot of cross stitched sprite patterns lately, and last night, I started stitching one of Tidus from Final Fantasy X. However, there is an error on the floss color key where it says "m- 3799" when it should say "m- 977." I know that this is a terrible error, since no one could possibly figure out that a skin tone should be used there instead of dark gray, especially with the preview image right next to it, so I wanted to get that posted here.

With that out of the way, I have a few new sprite patterns for the day, though the fact that they feature three King of Fighters characters means that there's not much variety for today. I got unreasonably excited about working on these patterns, though, so I charted them for cross stitching and got them ready to post immediately, mostly so I could print them and stitch them for myself. Someone else had initially mentioned two out of three of the characters here, so this isn't quite as deranged as some of my past fighting game posts have been, and if Vanessa and Ramon hadn't been mentioned, I would have been posting two original characters from Neo Geo Battle Coliseum, which is even more specific than the King of Fighters stuff is. I think that all three of them ended up being pretty cool, though, so if you also like King of Fighters, or have just been dying to cross stitch a guy with an eyepatch in lime green pants, I hope that you like today's patterns! Here, for your crafting pleasure, are Vanessa, Seth (complete with his odd facial hair), and Ramon.

I have tons of sprite patterns stockpiled at this point, so I'll have another set of three of them, possibly with a bit more variety, very soon. Before I go for today, though, I've finished a row of cross stitched sprite patterns on my latest sheet of perforated plastic canvas, and want to show them off! I think that all of the patterns for these have been posted, so there's nothing too exciting or surprising, but from left to right, the characters here are Mature and Vice from King of Fighters, who obviously had parents who loved them very much during the whole naming thing, Link, from the Legend of Zelda games, Yoruichi from Bleach, and Poshul from Chrono Cross. It was fun to make these, and Yoruichi even has glitter hair that didn't quite show up in the scan, which is always nifty.
Now I'm done for today, but, as I warned before, I'll be back with new patterns soon. Until then, I hope that you're having a good weekend and doing well with your crafts!


  1. Sprites are darling, A!! :D I love the pink doggie one. :D

  2. Link is so cute!! Great patterns, and I can't wait to see more!