Monday, October 8, 2012

Three More Sprite Patterns, Featuring One Request and Two Video Game Boys in White Coats

Hello! Today was Columbus Day, so in the district where I substitute teach, there was no school, meaning that I couldn't possibly be called for a day of subbing. Originally, I intended to use the guaranteed free afternoon to work on patterns and do a post on this blog. Instead, I sat around and played a fan-made Atari 2600 version of Portal, which was perhaps a slightly less productive way to spend my time. Even though it's a lot later now, however, I'm still ready to post, and then make at least one new sprite pattern before I go to bed!

I made 8 new cross stitch charts from sprites I had done last night, since I wanted to be able to print up a couple of pages for my sprite patterns binder. My choices were, as they usually are, completely arbitrary, so it was a little difficult to decide which three to post today. It seemed like it would be a good idea to post at least one request, so I decided to use one from a set of requested random characters. The chart of Yuki from Vampire Knight in my last set was from the same list, so I know I'm letting a lot of requests slide while I focus on these, but my pattern of Amu Hinamori from Shugo Chara ended up working so well that I'm very excited about posting her. I don't know much about the character, other than that she has fun pink hair and fancy socks, but it was really fun to make this chart, and, despite my unfamiliarity with the source material, I plan to stitch her myself. After that, I decided to go with two video game character charts, featuring Soma Cruz from Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow/Dawn of Sorrow and Ky-Kiske from Guilty Gear. The characters don't have anything to do with each other, but their outfits match pretty well, so I thought it would be fun to post them at the same time. I've actually stitched Ky before, much earlier this year, and was thrilled with how it came out, so I can vouch for the quality of that pattern. I'm working on some more Guilty Gear sprite patterns, too, so those should be posted in the near future. For now, however, here are today's three new sprite patterns, for whatever crafting fun for which you'd like to use them!

With those posted, I'm done for today, though I have been stitching piles of these sprites for myself again. I should have a photo of my new stitched ones soon, but in the past few days, I've made Mature and Vice from the King of Fighters games and Link from The Legend of Zelda, with the outline of Yoruichi from Bleach's arm having been added to my current sheet of plastic canvas right before I turned on my computer. Rather than give her another arm or a torso or anything like that right now, however, I'm going to go do a little more with some sprite patterns before I head off to bed. I still have tons of content prepared to post, so I'll be back here again very soon. Until then, have a nice start to your week, and good luck with your crafts!


  1. Yes!! Pics of your sprites for sure. :D

  2. Lovin' Ky! He just looks so awesome!

    Take pictures of everything! :D