Thursday, October 25, 2012

Two Requested Sprite Patterns and One I'm Not Sure Anyone Wanted

Edit: I was working on charts for a different post and realized that the Princess Princess character that I posted here was named Toru, not Mikoto! I've changed the name on the chart and reuploaded it, so it'll be tidier if you're printing the patterns, but left the error intact in the text. Hopefully, this doesn't make anyone else's heads hurt as much as it does mine.

Hello! Since the International Hermit and Stitch Weekend, I haven't done much stitching at all, except for one sprite pattern standee, and that doesn't seem worth posting about until I get the rest of her row done. I have been working pretty steadily on new sprite patterns, though, which means that, not only do I have a massive catalog of patterns that almost guarantees I'll always have new ones to make, I also have plenty of things to post here!

For today, I have three new sprite patterns to post, the first two of which were requested. The first of the three is the first in a requested pattern set from an anime called Princess Princess which I don't know that much about, other than the fact that it's about boys who dress like girls for their classmates. The upside of this for me, while I was making the patterns, is that they happen to dress like really frilly girls, and I also found an image where the characters seemed to be dressed up like a girl group. The majority of their outfits seemed to be in black and gray, so I'm not sure it was my best idea to go with the pretty pastel outfits, as far as making the characters recognizable goes. I think that it made them a well-coordinated looking set that would be fun to make, though, so I hope that you guys like them, too! Here is Mikoto, the first of the set, who will be followed with two more charts in future posts.

The other requested sprite pattern that I'm posting for today is of Rin from Fate/Stay Night, another anime which I do not know that much about. I do know that it was a well regarded show based on a visual novel that I most likely would not play, though the fighting game on PSP looks all pretty and shiny, and I would like to eventually play that. However, I really liked making this pattern and think that Rin came out really well, especially with the poofy hair and flippy little skirt, so I hope that it works for the person that requested her! The gray is lighter on the preview image than it will be when stitched, but that's the only note I have about her.
The last pattern for today is of generic karate girl Ryoko, from the generic fighting game World Heroes! I had this pattern in my folder, and had mostly made her for myself, but since I was posting two things people had actually asked for, it seemed like she'd be a good character to round out the set, rather than saving her for a post in sprite patterns December.
After that completely logical set of patterns, I'm done for today, but I plan to start making more patterns as soon as I'm done typing the conclusion to this post. I should be back soon with more of this nonsense, and, as always, if you have any sprite pattern requests, let me know, since I'll be posting them every day in December! Good luck with all of your crafts, and have a nice evening!


  1. *grins* Mikoto is absolutely adorable! I can't wait to see the other two in the trio of Princesses.

  2. All of the patterns are very pretty. Good job! For sprite patterns december, can you make one of Rosalina from Super Mario Galaxy?

  3. Awesome sprites! I especially like Rin :-)

  4. I will have to check out Princess Princess now. I like weird things like that, ahaha.

    Rin came out great! I hope to see the other from F/SN! Not that I'm an Archer fan or anything......... :9

  5. Cute patterns! You are a talented pattern maker :D

  6. Oh oh oh! Could you possibly do more Fate stay series patterns? Of the servants perhaps? :D