Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Old School My Little Pony Sprite Patterns

Hello! I'm not going to type too much in this post, since charting the patterns for today took longer than I'd anticipated. I haven't been very productive lately, though, so I'm sort of excited to say that I have some new patterns for you guys! Making animal sprite patterns was sort of fun, and when I was little, I really liked My Little Ponies, so I wanted to see if I could make some tiny versions of the toys I had when I was little. At first, it seemed like it wouldn't work, but after getting some pencils and graph paper, I was able to make a base that I thought was reasonably good for making cross stitch patterns of late 80s and early 90s My Little Pony stuff. It's still sort of based on the Phantasy Star II graphics, so they would match the other sprite patterns, but rather than editing those sprites, I took the leg size and two pixel eyes while working on the ponies. Size-wise, though they require a bit more stitching than the normal sprite patterns, they're slightly shorter than them, too, which should make them look nice if you cut them out as standees like I do.

For today, I'm just posting three of my old fashioned My Little Pony sprite patterns for your cross stitching pleasure, since that seems like it would be enough of a cross section to show off how easy it is to make them look like the actual toys. The first of them is Tootie Tails, a yellow pineapple pony that I liked best when I was little, since she smelled like fruit and was really brightly colored. It was sort of fun to try and get the curly hair to look right, and I'm working on stitching it now. After that, I did a chart of one named Bluebelle, which I don't think I ever had. Her color scheme was pleasant, though, and I wanted to see how the straighter mane and tail would look, so I made a pattern of her anyway. The last of the three is one of the baby ponies, cryptically named Baby Beach Ball. I wanted to see if I could get one of the smaller ones to work well and don't have many orange patterns, so that's why she got chosen.

I don't have any special notes on stitching these, since they're all pretty straightforward patterns, but it seems like it would be fun to use specialty floss on them for glittery hair or to try and replicate shiny plastic. Either way, though, I hope that you enjoy these for cross stitching or beading or whatever you'd like to do!

Now that those are posted, I'm done for today, because I'm temporarily sick of using my computer! If you liked these patterns and have any My Little Ponies that you'd like to see, though, let me know! It's been really fun to make these. I'm hoping to do a post of more normal patterns soon, but until then, have a happy Thanksgiving and good luck with all of your craft stuff!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Three New Sprite Patterns, This Time, All Requested

Hello! Today, I have my computer out earlier than I normally would, so it seemed like as good an idea as any to post here. I may not feel very awake, but, to be fair, this is about as awake as I feel at any time that I'm posting, so there shouldn't be any real differences here. Either way, as you may have determined from the title, I have three new sprite patterns for you today, with all of them being reader requested characters! I was going to post a non-requested character with two that people had asked for, but if I keep less requested characters in reserve, I'm more likely to make more of them while I'm sitting around and making patterns, which means more of the requests will actually get done.

Today's first cross stitch sprite pattern is of Batman, who gets to go first mostly because I want him to be in the thumbnail for today in RSS readers. It's a pretty straightforward pattern, with no weird things to say about stitching him, but he will take a lot of grays, seeing as Batman isn't the most colorful superhero out there. I think that he should look cool when he's finished, though, and will make for someone cool to stand around and glare at the Avengers patterns, so the different gray flosses will definitely be worth it.
The next pattern is of Billy Kane from the Fatal Fury and King of Fighters games, who, for this pattern, got to be in his jacket outfit, because his overalls and no shirt outfit looks ridiculous, especially when it's this small. The Union Jack tank top outfit worked decently, but not without backstitching, which would have made him an inconvenient project for perler beads or, really, anything but cross stitching, so I left that version out of the question, too. I think that this ended up being recognizable, though, and after typing all of that, realize that no one really cares what outfit my pattern of Billy Kane was wearing.
My final and frilliest pattern for today features Oichi from Pokemon Conquest. I plan to make more of these, since it is a nifty game and they are on my requested patterns list, but this was the first one that I got done. She requires an unnecessary amount of colors and is super-girly, but I think that would make her more fun to stitch.
With all of today's patterns posted, I now have a fuzzy looking update on my sparkly mermaid kit, which has all of its normal stitching completed! Last night, as I was working on the backstitching, I
came to the conclusion that it was the worst project I'd ever worked on and had a bad amount of different blue flosses, so for the next few days, I'm going to stitch sprite patterns until I forget how sick I am of looking at this one, at which point I'll complete it and, in all likelihood, be pretty happy with how it came out looking.
I'm done posting now, so I'm off to do other stuff for a few hours before I have to spend the afternoon subbing for a high school social studies class! I'm sure I'll have most stuff to post here soon, but until then, have a nice weekend, and good luck with your crafting rubbish!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Sprite Patterns of Marth and Two Requests With a WIP Photo of a Kit I'm Working On

Hello! I didn't expect to have time this afternoon to post here, since I thought that I'd be subbing for a math class all day. This was slightly worrisome, as the teacher only had lesson plans provided for a couple of hours, making it look like I'd have to actually teach calculus, which would have been bad for me and atrocious for the students. Luckily, it was a bad communication rather than a lack of material for class, and the normal teacher came back during lunch, allowing me to get up and go home in the middle of trying to give myself some idea of what was going on in the calculus lesson. Since none of this really matters, however, I will get on with posting today's three new sprite patterns!

Just like I've been doing in the last couple of posts, I have two requested characters and a random sprite pattern for today, though I'm of the opinion that today's random one is the spiffiest of the set. Because of that, I'm starting with the non-requested cross stitch chart, which is of Marth from Fire Emblem. He ended up being one of the more detailed sprite patterns, and has quite a few colors, but he shouldn't be that difficult to stitch. I started stitching him and haven't had any problems yet, with my only issue being that his cape takes up a little more room than I'd expected.
The first of today's patterns that were actually requested is the final chart in the Princess Princess set, featuring the lovely Yuujiro. His color scheme, with bright yellows and golden browns, is perfect for fall, and he should look nice with his two fellow cast members. Plus, I double checked to make sure that this character actually was Yuujiro, which is a bit more than I did at first with the others.
Today's final sprite pattern which was, in fact, a request, is of Shermie from the King of Fighters games! I have a small list of characters from SNK fighting games that was requested, which has been made much more extreme by my need to make more characters to match those on the list.(It may not matter to anyone else, but if I'm making both the brother and the supposed love interest of an extremely minor character, then I feel that the minor character also deserves her very own pattern, too.) When I was looking through the list, though, I was really surprised to see that I hadn't posted Shermie yet, since I'd had her in my sprite patterns binder for years. Other than that, this isn't too strange of a pattern, though from personal experience, I'd recommend that for perler beads, some clear beads should be used to make sure that her hair doesn't fall off. She is the only sprite pattern with no visible eyes, though, so that's almost interesting to note.
Now that I have today's three patterns posted, I have a lovely WIP photo of a  Dimensions cross stitch kit that I'm working on, which features a sparkly mermaid. I'm pretty close to the end of the not-backstitching part of it, though the picture from the kit makes it look like after backstitching, it will be pretty impressive. It's fun to work on, and I'm hoping to get a little more of it done tonight.
I'm done with this post for now, but, as always, if you have any pattern requests, please leave a comment! I'm getting ready for sprite patterns December, where I'll have new ones every day, and have already been working on some of the charts that will be posted. I'll be back with new stuff long before December, though, so have a nice week and good luck with whatever craft stuff you're doing!