Friday, November 9, 2012

Three New Sprite Patterns, This Time, All Requested

Hello! Today, I have my computer out earlier than I normally would, so it seemed like as good an idea as any to post here. I may not feel very awake, but, to be fair, this is about as awake as I feel at any time that I'm posting, so there shouldn't be any real differences here. Either way, as you may have determined from the title, I have three new sprite patterns for you today, with all of them being reader requested characters! I was going to post a non-requested character with two that people had asked for, but if I keep less requested characters in reserve, I'm more likely to make more of them while I'm sitting around and making patterns, which means more of the requests will actually get done.

Today's first cross stitch sprite pattern is of Batman, who gets to go first mostly because I want him to be in the thumbnail for today in RSS readers. It's a pretty straightforward pattern, with no weird things to say about stitching him, but he will take a lot of grays, seeing as Batman isn't the most colorful superhero out there. I think that he should look cool when he's finished, though, and will make for someone cool to stand around and glare at the Avengers patterns, so the different gray flosses will definitely be worth it.
The next pattern is of Billy Kane from the Fatal Fury and King of Fighters games, who, for this pattern, got to be in his jacket outfit, because his overalls and no shirt outfit looks ridiculous, especially when it's this small. The Union Jack tank top outfit worked decently, but not without backstitching, which would have made him an inconvenient project for perler beads or, really, anything but cross stitching, so I left that version out of the question, too. I think that this ended up being recognizable, though, and after typing all of that, realize that no one really cares what outfit my pattern of Billy Kane was wearing.
My final and frilliest pattern for today features Oichi from Pokemon Conquest. I plan to make more of these, since it is a nifty game and they are on my requested patterns list, but this was the first one that I got done. She requires an unnecessary amount of colors and is super-girly, but I think that would make her more fun to stitch.
With all of today's patterns posted, I now have a fuzzy looking update on my sparkly mermaid kit, which has all of its normal stitching completed! Last night, as I was working on the backstitching, I
came to the conclusion that it was the worst project I'd ever worked on and had a bad amount of different blue flosses, so for the next few days, I'm going to stitch sprite patterns until I forget how sick I am of looking at this one, at which point I'll complete it and, in all likelihood, be pretty happy with how it came out looking.
I'm done posting now, so I'm off to do other stuff for a few hours before I have to spend the afternoon subbing for a high school social studies class! I'm sure I'll have most stuff to post here soon, but until then, have a nice weekend, and good luck with your crafting rubbish!


  1. Lol, that Batman is so cute!
    Your mermaid is very pretty - I agree about taking the break, though. Always better when you come back :D

  2. I think the mermaid looks absolutely gorgeous, and PSII Batman just makes me smile. I can just picture him in some town with Nei complimenting his ears while passing by.

  3. Yay! Thank you! He's going to love it!


  4. Yay! Batman! I'll keep my fingers crossed for a Robin and maybe a Batgirl or Nightwing someday to go with him. Or some of his villians. Batman has such fun villians. Thanks for these patterns, they are great as always!

  5. Longtime watcher, absolutely love your work. I'm a perler bead gal and have made all of your Avengers, as well as Sherlock, John, the Trigun characters, and several other anime characters for a friend. I wanted to make a request from you, if I could.
    Christmas is coming up and my family is pretty strapped for money, so ornaments are tough this year. I wanted to make some with my beads, and I was hoping to do some of the Supernatural characters, but there don't seem to be any patterns out there for them. I wondered if it would be possible for you to design them. If you only have time for one I totally understand, and would request that it be Castiel.
    Looking forward to seeing all of your future patterns!

  6. I love all the patterns you make and all of my friends like them and think they are awesome. Just read Tashi's comment, and I would absolutely love to see designs for Supernatural and an anime called School Rumble!
    Can't wait to see more future designs :DD