Saturday, December 15, 2012

Sprite Patterns December Day 15: I Have No Theme

Hello! Tonight, I am not going to post very much, because I've felt like I've been falling asleep all day, even at dinner. I do, however, have two nifty new patterns to post tonight, with one being of Kiki from Kiki's Delivery Service, and the other being of Elizabeth from Persona (3, I'm pretty sure, but I've just played Arena, so I wouldn't bet on it.) I think they both ended up looking nice, but do not think that the two characters would get along very well. There isn't much to say about either of the patterns, since they should be normal to stitch, but I hope you guys like them!

I am done for tonight, but tomorrow, I'll have a couple of new patterns and the stuff I made during this International Hermit and Stitch Weekend! I hope you guys are doing well with your stitching, too.

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  1. oh, Kiki looks adorable and totally needs a little Jiji with her, haha. :D