Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sprite Patterns December Day 16: An IHSW Post

Hello! Today is a first in the history of Dork Stitch's Sprite Patterns December posts in that instead of a character, today's pattern is of a thing, since I designed it to work on stitching for this weekend. I wanted to stitch a floppy disk like the Commodore 64 used, but when I searched for cross stitch charts of floppy discs, I could only find the later sort of disk, like the ones that people used all the time right before CD-ROMs became the standard. Because I am a smart lady, however, I managed to make my own pattern of a lovely 5.25 inch floppy diskette! To be completely honest, there is not likely a disk that looks like the one in my pattern, since I'm not sure Hello Kitty was big into using and personalizing the outward appearance of her computer software in the 1980s, seeing as she is a fictional character. It has been very pleasant to stitch so far, though, so here is the pattern for my current project!
With today's new pattern posted, it's time to move on to the International Hermit and Stitch Weekend (as hosted by Joysze at Random Ramblings) part of the post, which involves the floppy disk pictured above! I really like the colors I designed it in, but I'm stitching this on 7-count plastic canvas with some incredibly glittery yarn, so I had to deal with a color limit. I'm not done with it yet, but like it pretty well so far, and will probably finish it off tomorrow. For today, though, here is a WIP photo of it, in all its glittery (which actually showed up a little in my image!) glory!
Before I did the floppy disc, I also used my fancy glitter yarn to needlepoint a cassette tape, from a pattern that I got off of the spiffy blog Cross Me Not! Sarajessica, the cross stitch pattern designer that runs the blog, has piles of patterns that are perfect for needlepoint, so I have more printed and ready to work on for when I'm done with my floppy disc. Here are my photos of the cassette tape I stitched, though, first in a blurry photo that I got from my DSi, albeit one with accurate colors...
...and then in a clear photo that I got from my scanner, which is unable to read hot pink and bright oranges as anything other than weird, almost gray colors! Isn't technology great?
With that posted, I'm done for today, but tomorrow, I'll have a more normal sprite patterns December post. Until then, I look forward to reading about the stuff that everyone else stitched this weekend! Have a good end to your stitching weekend and good luck as your next week starts!

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  1. Love your floppy disc pattern, and I remember using them, too. Your disc is much cuter than the real ones!