Monday, December 17, 2012

Sprite Patterns December Day 17: Online Golf and Fairy Tales

Hello! I have not finished stitching my floppy disc yet, so I was wrong about that yesterday, but I should be able to get it finished tomorrow! For today, though, I have three spiffy new cross stitch patterns for you that, though they are supposedly of characters from Pangya, an online golf game that longtime readers may remember me mentioning before, are also generic depictions of fairy tale characters. These are all based on some in-game item set that I will probably never have, but the outfits are frilly and cute, so I was pretty excited about making them. There are five patterns in the set, but for tonight, I have three of them, featuring Lucia, Cecilia, and Kooh, from the game, dressed up like the Swan Princess (of course not Princess Tutu at all), the Ice Queen (which may have been meant as snow queen), and Little Red Riding Hood. The two I'm saving are probably most recognizable in terms of the fairy tale part of it, but I like these a little better, so it seems like a draw. Either way, though, I hope you guys like these!

I'm done for tonight, since I'm pretty tired, but I'll have more stuff to post tomorrow! Have a good night, and good luck with your crafts!

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