Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Sprite Patterns December Day 18: Guilty Gear X2

Hello! I am watching the season finale of The Voice and posting as I watch, because I'm starting to get so tired that I feel like falling asleep, even with an interesting TV show in front of me. Today has actually been a little more productive for me than I expected it to be, since I finally got King of Fighters Android working on my Kindle, which really can't end well for my cross stitching. I limited my play time for today, though, did an okay amount of needlepoint and cross stitching, and am now here to post two sprite patterns of characters from Guilty Gear X2. There is no logic behind the characters I am posting other than that I thought they looked cool, so here are some tiny versions of I-No and Slayer. They may not be as high-res as the Arc System Works sprites, but I can say from experience that these will be a lot faster to cross stitch.

I am still tired, so I am done posting for now! I shall return tomorrow, though, and am looking forward to it! Have a good night, and good luck with all of your holiday preparations!

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