Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sprite Patterns December Day 2: Some Batman Stuff

Hello, and thank you very much for all of the comments yesterday! I've added stuff to my request list and done some extensive searches through My Little Pony databases, all of which should pay off later in the month. For tonight, however, I have some Batman sprite patterns to post, two of which are answers to previous requests and the third of which was just done because I thought it would be neat. I posted a sprite pattern of Batman himself late last month, if you're looking for that, but tonight's three patterns are of Robin (who may well eventually be followed by several of the Teen Titans), the Joker, and Harley Quinn. All of them are pretty normal sprite patterns, so I don't have too much to say about them, other than that KG Stitch's preview images make DMC 939 look a bit off, making Harley Quinn look a bit more purple than she actually will if you use the suggested floss colors. That's not too much of a problem, though, so I hope you guys like these patterns!

I would type more here tonight, but I sort of have a headache, so I am going to leave for now. I'll be back tomorrow, though, with more shiny new sprite patterns that I have not really made many decisions about yet! Have a good evening!


  1. *giggles* The Boy Wonder, the Clown Prince of Crime, and Dr. Harleen Quinnzelle. What a line up!

    Hope your head feels better soon!!

  2. They're amazing! Thanks so much for posting them!!


  3. Hey! I just wanted share with you a pattern I finished on my blog :) I did your Aryll pattern! :D Thank you so much for making them, I hope to get the other ones done at some point. I have the thread and fabric for them, now I need the time!

  4. Awesome Batman patterns! I'm really looking forward to Sprite Patterns December again :-) Do you have plans for any more Batman patterns later in the month, like Poison Ivy or Batgirl?

  5. Awesome! My brother will LOVE this set! And the Teen Titans if you do them. Maybe Nightwing later?