Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sprite Patterns December Day 20: The Ikea Monkey

Hello! Today's pattern would be a single frame sprite if you put it in a video game, maybe as a dialogue box portrait or something like that, but as far as this blog goes, it is the single biggest pattern to get posted during sprite patterns December. This may not be a positive for every reader, but, as the pattern is of internet sensation Darwin the Ikea Monkey, that may make things a bit easier. I wasn't sure how I was doing with this pattern, but it was requested by my sister, and she seemed to like it, so that seemed like as good an indicator as any that it was okay.

Although this pattern is pretty big compared to the stuff I've been posting recently, as far as my portrait patterns go, it is not too intense. The Ikea Monkey is 69x55 stitches, most of which are his puffy coat, with a blank background around the top. I also used mostly pinks, blues, and purples for this, mostly because I thought it looked nice. However, if you'd like more realistic monkey colors, it should be fairly easy to edit the listed floss colors to your liking. Rather than come up with more rubbish to type, I will just post the pattern now!
With that, I'm done for today, since I need to give my computer a rest for a while. At some point tomorrow, however, I'll be back with some new patterns for everyone! Until then, have a good evening, and, if you are also in the path of a winter storm, good luck with your weather!

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  1. OMG this is the best pattern ever! I love Ikea monkey so much x