Friday, December 21, 2012

Sprite Patterns December Day 21: More Thrilling Tekken Stuff

Hello, everyone! I am posting right now to ignore the fact that one of my brothers is watching Warped Roadies! I will not be very successful about it, because I'm really tired and don't have a lot to say, but I do have three new patterns in my set that encompasses every character from the first Tekken game. I wasn't sure who to post tonight, but earlier today, I formatted the charts for Anna, Nina, and, everyone's favorite, Ganryu. I've actually posted patterns of Anna and Nina before, but those were from Tekken 3, which had them looking pretty different. (I realize this sounds insane, but it is true.) For today's charts, I'm pretty happy with how Anna's dress came out, even though it ended up being a little bit elaborate for a sprite pattern. That should make it fun to stitch, though, so I will probably make her soon. Regardless of all that, though, here are  today's three new cross stitch patterns!

I'm done with this blog for today, but, oddly enough, I actually know what I'm going to post tomorrow! It's a non-standard sprite pattern, so I wanted to see how she stitched up before I put the chart I made on the computer, but I finished making her tonight with some spiffy purple satin floss, so I'll have it ready to go tomorrow evening! Until then, have a good evening and start your weekend well!

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