Thursday, December 27, 2012

Sprite Patterns December Day 27: A Lot of Yapping and the Bear From Tekken

Hello! I'm using today's post as the next-to-the-last dumping ground for my set of sprite patterns from the first Tekken game, since I really want to get all of those posted by the end of the month. Before I actually get to posting my patterns, though, I have to ask, do any of the rest of you have Tekken Tag Tournament 2 for the Wii U? When I put the disc into the machine, it wants to do this big update, but I can't get it to actually download whatever this monstrosity of a file is without timing out. Do other games for the Wii U have this issue? Nintendo Land seems okay, and, to be fair, I can play and enjoy Tekken Tag without the update, as long as I just want to play offline. Plus, the further it gets from Christmas, I imagine that the update will take less and less time and frustration. I was just wondering if this sort of thing was common on the console, if others of you have played more games on it. It doesn't seem like much of a problem, as long as Nintendo's network isn't flooded- I was just curious.

Now that I'm done with all of that, I have today's patterns for you guys, though two out of the three are not of my favorite characters. Unless I'm on a rampage where I have to play through a fighting game's arcade or story mode as every character so that I can see all of the endings, I usually try to avoid the terrifyingly large guy who moves across the screen at a stunning speed of two pixels per second, which is, of course, the price one must pay if they want to kill their opponent by gently touching the middle of their forehead. In Tekken, there are characters like this, and some of them have ended up in today's post. The first of them, who I have no problem with, is Kuma, who is cool because he is a bear, which automatically made him a cool sprite to make and will make him cool to cross stitch, too. A giant bear will look really nifty alongside my other standees, so I plan to stitch him very soon. The other two patterns, however, are of Jack and Prototype Jack, who are slow, boring, and not ideal for sprite patterns. I think that both of them came out pretty well, though I will likely never make them, but for the sake of completing my set, here they are, alongside the aforementioned Kuma.

I think that I'm done posting for now, but tomorrow, alongside some new patterns, I plan to post some sort of image of stuff I've been working on! I'm working on stitching my sprite of Elizabeth from Persona now, since I could use the maximum amount of specialty flosses with her pattern, but I made a few others, too, so I'll take a photo of my sheet of plastic before I cut it to shreds. Have a good evening, and good luck with whatever crafts you're doing for the end of the year!

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  1. While I don't have teken tag I have had issues with other games taking forever to update, try doing it later in the evening/night, seemed to work for me :) nice patterns too!