Monday, December 3, 2012

Sprite Patterns December Day 3: Denzel Washington and Fatal Fury

Hello! Tonight I got back home from running Pokemon League for the evening, and my mom asked me if I'd seen a very confusing comment on my blog. I said I hadn't, but when I checked, I found a long, rambling, confusing and pointless spam comment in the middle of all of the nice, normal legitimate ones. It was funny just to sit and read it, since I didn't know what was going on at all, but then in the middle of it, I found this:

"Denzel Washington stars smooth Whitaker, neat airline command who amulet crash-lands dominion mid-air catastrophe, upon board. smooth crash, Pelt is hailed B hero, alongside is learned, on every side questions than answers as A yon who or what was handy fault, supplementary what mainly plane?"

It took me a minute to realize it, but that bizarrely worded chunk of text, was, in fact, a summary of the recent film Flight, starring Denzel Washington. Once I was done showing this off to my family members and telling my brother what supplementary mainly plane I am, I decided that, since this is Dork Stitch's sprite patterns December, I needed to make a cross stitch pattern of Denzel Washington's character from Flight. I haven't seen the movie, but I was planning to do a set of patterns for critically acclaimed movies heading into awards season anyway (Abraham and Mary Todd Lincoln are going to be so cute!), and this seemed like a nice place to start! I have the suggested floss color of the suit labeled as 3799 or 939, since personal preference matters more than anything in making it almost, but not quite, black, but regardless of that, please enjoy this cross stitch pattern of Denzel Washington as Whitaker from Flight. 
I also have two patterns of Fatal Fury characters tonight, because this is Dork Stitch, and if I went too long without inflicting new patterns of characters from SNK fighters on the world, I'd be disappointed in myself. Joe Higashi was actually requested, which is why I made him, but after making both Joe and Billy Kane, I felt that I had to make a pattern of Lilly Kane (not the same character as on Veronica Mars) to go with them.  Joe is wearing his relatively standard outfit, and Lilly is in her Fatal Fury background character/King of Fighters 2000 striker dress, since her KOF 2006 playable character overalls were not working out too well for me. They are not too elaborate, so they should be pretty easy and normal to stitch. I'm going to find out for sure soon enough, though, because I am totally going to stitch these.
Before I go tonight, I have another WIP photo of Noel to show off! I finished an entire page of her this morning, which would be impressive if that page were more than the corner of one of her ribbons. I've gotten a bit of filling in done, too, though, so I thought she might be worthwhile to show off again!
I am done for now, though I'm already thinking about what to post tomorrow! It'll be absolutely impossible to top the wonders of today, but somehow, I'm sure I'll manage. Have a nice evening, and a good start to tomorrow, too!

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  1. I saw that comment! It was, uh, interesting!
    Nice Sprite you got from it, though :D

    And, a page is a page! Love your progress!