Sunday, December 30, 2012

Sprite Patterns December Day 30: More Doctor Who and a Ton of Stuff I've Stitched

Hello! I realize that a lot of you out there reading this would probably like to believe that, just because I sit around and watch five episodes of Doctor Who from 1968 on Netflix, that does not mean that I will make a set of patterns to correspond with those episodes. That would be a ridiculous thing to believe, though, as I have for you tonight three new cross stitch patterns featuring the second Doctor and two of his companions from The Mind Robber, a set of five episodes from 1968 that I watched on Netflix. Since they were the only episodes that I've seen with Patrick Troughton, I'm a little worried that I made his pattern look off, though it seems okay to me. I'm really happy with the matching patterns of Zoe and Jamie, the companions, however, and have to admit that my acquiring some black glitter floss to stitch Zoe's outfit with with may be the best part of these patterns. Since I saw these episodes in black and white, I did the patterns in black and white, mostly because I think that looks cool. If any of you would like a pattern of the second Doctor in color, though, let me know. I have one ready to go, plaid pants and all, for anyone who might want it.

With those posted, I have a few photos of some stitching I've been working on! I've had some technical difficulties since beginning this post, so I won't talk about any of these too much, but I'm glad to finally have them scanned! Here are some of the stitching projects I've been doing this month.
Here is the finished version of the needlepoint diskette I started during this month's IHSW. It was done on 7 count plastic canvas with some normal Red Heart yarn, for the black and white, and Lion Brand Bonbons (which I made the pattern for) for all of the color parts. In real life, this is really glittery, but on here, it looks more speckled than anything.
These are some of my sprites that I've cross stitched this month and are almost ready to be cut out, with the blank areas to serve as dozens of bases. The first row is Lumpy Space Princess from Adventure Time, stitched in satin floss, the Tom Baker Doctor Who, and Flame Princess, also from Adventure Time. The lonely sprite in the middle, which has some spiffy sparkling hair that doesn't show up here, is of Elizabeth from Persona, who was chosen solely for her ability to show off some Christmas gift specialty floss. The last row is just two My Little Ponies.
I also stitched Gogo from Kill Bill, but she was on a new sheet, so she gets her own image. I made the pattern ages ago, so it was cool to finally stitch her. Her weapon is made from the same embroidery floss as Elizabeth's hair, as seen above this.
This last photo is a project that I'm currently working on as I attempt to cross stitch one of my monochrome Zelda patterns (of Zelda firing an arrow) entirely in sparkly brown embroidery floss. It may not have been my brightest plan, but it's working out so far! I'm hoping that it starts to look like something soon, though. When I finish with the image of Princess Zelda, I think that I'm going to stitch a relatively simple border on it in copper, so I need to look at Antique Pattern Library and some places like that.

After all of that, I'm done for tonight, but tomorrow is the last day of Sprite Patterns December! Until then, have a nice day and good luck with your craft stuff!


  1. More Doctor Who! and companions!! You're so nice. But I'm greedy, so I'll say it. Please can we have the color one too? Plaid pants, sweet:-) Happy New Year!!!!

  2. Wow, awesome! I love Dr. Who as well, so I'll second the request for the 2nd Doctor in color too! Wonderful work :-)

  3. Ooo, more Dr Who! You should do them all :D

  4. I'm curious what size canvas you use. I can't seem to find it at the local Wal-Mart supercenter and can't find any online anywhere.