Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Sprite Patterns December Day 5: My Little Ponies That Readers Used to Have

Hello! I'm posting at sort of a weird time tonight, but today's subbing was not very good, from a behavior of the students standpoint, which made me sort of sleepy. In fact, I am so scatterbrained that I had a bit of trouble assembling the patterns for the night, and that is not a good sign. (I should do a fantastic job with playing video games after American Horror Story is over.) Because of that, I wanted to get this post over with before I actually fell asleep on my keyboard.

As you may have deduced from the title, today's new sprite patterns feature My Little Pony sprites of toys that readers said they used to own in the comments! From Lou x's comment, I made a pattern of Applejack, and from Tama's, I made a pattern of Peachy, which I managed to hunt down through My Little Pony wikis from a vague description. Both of them are orange, which is a strange coincidence, but I think they look pretty different. Plus, making these is really fun, so I'm not bothered by that in the slightest!

I know that I didn't type very much tonight, but I'm really scatterbrained, so I'm going to quit for now. Have a good evening, and I'll post more stuff tomorrow!

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