Thursday, December 6, 2012

Sprite Patterns December Day 6: Frilly Patterns of Minor Characters from RPGs

Hello! I almost went into my reserve stack of patterns for tonight, seeing as I am kind of lazy, but when I looked at the sprites I'd made, but hadn't charted for cross stitch yet, I found two frilly, girly, and needlessly elaborate patterns of minor characters from Japanese RPGs! This seemed like as good a basis for a post here as any, especially during Sprite Patterns December, so I went ahead and formatted them to post!

My first pattern for tonight is of Stella from Dragon Quest IX, who I should probably be irritated by, but seeing as she wears a fancy frilly dress and reminds me of the snotty store clerk, Renee, from the first Style Savvy, I decided to make a pattern of her. For this pattern, the hair and the fairy wings were a bit of a challenge, but I think they ended up looking okay. She takes a ton of colors to stitch, too, but since most of the ones you only need a few stitches of are pretty basic, like yellow and red, you should be able to find them in your scraps.
The next pattern is of Irenes, the mermaid from Chrono Cross, and I honestly don't know if anyone will ever make this. It is sort of needlessly complicated, and requires a lot of shades of blue, all of which were driving me nuts on KG Stitch, but I think that if she were to be stitched, it would look really cool. I still want to make the entire cast of Chrono Cross, since I've posted quite a few of them here and have done even more than that, but for today, Irenes will make a small dent in the set.
Tomorrow, I don't know what I'll be posting, but because it is sprite patterns December, I know that I will be posting something! Until then, however, I hope you have a nice evening and a good tomorrow.

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  1. Love them! ^^ I was wondering if you could make one of Ariel the Little Mermaid. If not, I can try to make a pattern. I understand that you are busy ^_^