Friday, December 7, 2012

Sprite Patterns December Day 7: Professor Layton and Phoenix Wright

Hello! It is getting pretty close to midnight (11:20 in my time zone), so I can't type too much tonight. I made some new patterns tonight, though, featuring characters from DS games that either solve problems or look very disappointed in you when you fail to solve problems! If you hadn't gathered it from the title, these characters are Phoenix Wright and Professor Layton, both of whom I've been wanting to make sprite patterns of for quite a while. All of the trailers and animations that have been released for Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney got me focused enough to actually make the patterns, though, so that led to tonight's post!

I am having trouble focusing on things, spelling, and assembling sentences, so I am just going to post the two new patterns and finish up my post for the night! Neither of these patterns should pose any problems stitching-wise, though Professor Layton's hat-induced height means that, if you stitch these as standees, he might get a little bendy if you don't squish him in a book for a few hours after you cut him out, especially if you use clear perforated plastic canvas. Other than that, though, these are pretty normal patterns, so I hope that you enjoy stitching and/or beading them!
I want to make more characters from the Phoenix Wright games, so if you guys also enjoy the series and would like to see anyone in particular, let me know! I don't yet know what I'll be posting tomorrow (though I do know what character I'll be posting on Christmas), but hopefully, I'll have some cool new sprite patterns for your stitching pleasure! Have a nice night!