Saturday, December 8, 2012

Sprite Patterns December Day 8: More Tekken Stuff

Hello! Today, I'm continuing with my set of sprite patterns of characters from the first Tekken game, since that seems like as good an idea as any would be. Since I already posted four of them, it was a little easier to decide which ones to post next, mostly because I'm slowly running out of choices. It seemed easy enough to just post all of the characters associated with the Mishima family, so I went with that. If I were to post a pattern for everyone involved with the family throughout all of the games in one night, I'd need to order a pizza so I could take a dinner break halfway through putting the post together. For this set, however, I'm just dealing with the first game, so I only have four patterns, featuring Kazuya, Lee, Heihachi, and Devil (though that one ended up looking more like the later games), some of which involve some fun innovations in sprite pattern eyebrows.

Since these are sprite patterns of male characters from a mid-90s fighting game, the color count is not too extensive on any of them, which should make them pretty good for Perler bead projects. Other than Lee, these are all a bit taller than the standard sprite patterns, too, since there's some extreme hair on display here.  Regardless of that, there shouldn't be anything strange about stitching these patterns, so here they are!

Now that all of that stunning new content is out of the way, I'm finished for tonight! This is sprite patterns December, though, so I'll be back with more tomorrow! Have a good evening, and good luck with whatever crafts you're working on as you finish your weekend, too!

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