Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Another Neopets Pattern

Hello! This isn't going to be too wild or exciting of a post, which I know will be a disappointment for all of you who read this blog for its white knuckle action sequences. I do have a new Neopets pattern for today, though, featuring Gelert, as was requested/mentioned in the comments of the Shoyru post by Queen Petra. (Her nifty blog can be found here!) I did this pattern the same way that I did the pattern of Shoyru, so it is not going to be too difficult to stitch. It uses colors that would have been in an NES game, despite the fact that the finished image would not be functional for such a purpose, which makes the colors easy to switch if you woulld rather have a red or yellow Gelert, or something like that. It also guarantees that, if you like stitching sets of stuff, it'll match Shoyru pretty well.
I don't think that my next post will have another Neopets pattern, though I do have another one almost ready to go. If there are any characters that any of you would like to see, let me know, since this has been a fun set to work on so far, even if I'm not sure that I'll do patterns for every last one of them. There are a lot of other things that I want to make patterns for, too, though, so I'll have more stuff pretty soon! Until then, have a nice day, and good luck with whatever you're stitching or beading or anything like that!


  1. Thank you for spriting the Gelert! It looks great-- I can't wait to work on it! ;D

  2. I'm loving these Neopets patterns! I'd love to see a Uni or Kougra or Eyrie or Lupe ^^ I havne't played it in years but I still miss my Kougra and Shoyru ^^

  3. I was wondering about a monochrome pattern in monochrome for Ganondorf.

    Thanks for the other monochromes, they look awesome but I would like to try a touch of evil before completing Medli.