Tuesday, February 19, 2013

IHSW February and the Best Actress Nominee Sprite Patterns

Hello! As far as posts here go, this is going to have a lot of information and not a lot of text, seeing as my brain has been totally fried by all of the stuff that I've done today. I do have new patterns and my progress from International Hermit and Stitch Weekend, as hosted by Joyzse at Random Ramblings, to show off, though, so I'm going to start with the IHSW photos! I worked on my Academy Award nominee sprite patterns this weekend, and, as of 7:00pm on Friday, I'd finished a little over half of the outlines, as pictured here.
By the end of the weekend, however, which was 10:30pm on Monday (a holiday in the US), I'd finished all of the outlines, and, though you can't see it very well here, the white stitches on all of them! I'm still not sure that I'll get these done by the end of the awards on Sunday, but I'm going to try my best to get there.
For tonight's patterns, I'm going to be posting the sprite patterns of the Best Actress Oscar nominees, which are outlined on the top row of this photo! I haven't seen all of the movies, so in the case of Emmanuelle Riva, from Amour, Naomi Watts, from The Impossible, and Jessica Chastain, from Zero Dark Thirty, I made up what their shoes, or lack thereof, looked like. I think that I made Emmanuelle Riva's pattern look a little too much like my pattern of Mackenzie McHale, from Newsroom, that I posted a few months ago, but maybe you can make up some weird Newsroom/Amour crossover fanfic and say that they're secretly mother and daughter. I'm also not sure how flattering the pattern of Naomi Watts is, but almost all of the promo photos from The Impossible showed her right after the tsunami hit, so that was the look I went with. The other two nominees, Jennifer Lawrence (for Silver Linings Playbook), and Quvenzhan√© Wallis (from Beasts of the Southern Wild), were from movies I'd seen, but were the two easiest patterns, too, so it didn't much matter. Quvenzhan√© Wallis has some really impressive hair, though, which makes up for the fact that otherwise, she's  one of the smallest patterns, thanks to the fact that she was six when she made the movie.

Now that I'm done with all of that typing, here are the patterns for the Best Actress nominees, presented in alphabetical order.

I am done for today, but will be back this week with posts for both the Best Supporting Actress and Best Supporting Actor nominees! Until then, have a nice day, and good luck with your crafting!


  1. Oh, very nice! These look like FUN! :D

  2. Oh, and congrats on what you got done! That's a lot of outlines!!!

  3. Oh wow, that's a lot of outlines congrats for getting so many done!! Also those new patterns are just gorgeous =)

  4. Wow, you did a lot of stitching this weekend! They look so neat! Thanks for continuing the Academy Awards postings :-)