Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sprite Patterns of the Oscar Nominees for Best Actor

Hello! I have been having trouble with Blogger lately, which happens about once a year, but was able to get in for posting yesterday! Of course, I didn't post yesterday, because I was working on the patterns for today, but I did put up a warning on Facebook that this was coming. It got so many likes, though, that I feel like I have to apologize for what my new sprite patterns I was talking about actually are. It seemed to me like it would be a fun idea to make sprite patterns for all of the nominees in the acting categories at the 2013 Academy Awards. Last night, I got to ten finished patterns out of the twenty that I needed, with the best actor and actress in a leading role nominees all finished. I still need to make the supporting actor and actress nominees before the awards are on, but I figured that this was enough progress that I could start posting them!

For today, I've decided to start the 2013 Academy Awards sprite pattern set with the nominees for Best Actor. I don't really like these patterns any better than the ones for the Best Actress nominees, but since I did two of these during Sprite Patterns December, it seemed like a good place to start. Before I post the three new patterns, here are the links to the two old ones! The formatting is a little different, but that shouldn't matter.

Daniel Day Lewis: Lincoln (Sprite Patterns December: Day 13)

Denzel Washington: Flight (Sprite Patterns December: Day 3)

With those links posted, here are the new patterns for today, in alphabetical order! Now, I know very well that there are dozens of you out there who are okay with this blog, but have been really upset with me over the fact that I have never before posted a pattern of Bradley Cooper wearing a garbage bag. I am glad to say that, as he was nominated for Best Actor for his role in Silver Linings Playbook, in which he wears a garbage bag, we can now resolve our differences. This is going to be true of all three of these patterns, but KG Stitch makes the floss color 3799 look lighter in preview images than in real life, so the aforementioned bag should come out a bit better when its actually stitched, or at least have more contrast with the sweatsuit.

The next nominee is Hugh Jackman for Les Miserables, which I get the feeling will be the most popular of my patterns for today. I did not see Les Miserables, since I felt like, at least for me, watching it would be similar to strapping a needle to a Q-Tip and jamming it into my ear, so I am not sure if the outfit that I put him in for this pattern has any actual significance to the movie itself. (I would like to note that if you liked Les Mis, I have no argument with you, but also really do not want to see it myself.) I was getting tired of making sprites in gray clothes, though, so I thought that the green jacket would be nice. Plus, I saw him wearing it in some of the trailers. I'm pretty pleased with how his hair came out, too, though I'm worried that it could look a bit odd when it's actually stitched. 
The reason why I brought up that I hadn't seen Les Miserables before the last pattern is because, if I hadn't seen The Master, for which Joaquim Phoenix got his Best Actor nomination, I don't think that this pattern would be any good at all. All through the movie, he had strange posture and squinty eyes, so I had to change the pose a little and give him the same eyebrows I used on the sprites of Tekken characters to get the pattern to work at all. The outfit is pretty basic, so I don't think that would have done much to make the pattern look distinctive. The T-shirt and jeans are so normal, though, that when paired with the big eyebrows, if you edited the hair just a little bit, this could easily be made into a sassy version of Wolverine. I do, however, know for an absolute fact, that as a pattern for The Master, this is easily going to get made more often than any of my Final Fantasy VII sprite patterns, so I'm pretty excited about that.
With those three patterns posted, I'm done for today, but will be back with patterns of the nominees for Best Actress within the next few days! I've already started stitching those, since my goal is to make standees of all twenty acting nominees before the Academy Awards air, and they seem to be working pretty well so far. I'll have a photo of my progress on this set in my next post, though! Until then, have a nice Sunday evening!


  1. I like these! Even if I never see movies until they're on DVD. I have a feeling some of these I'll end up stitching.

  2. Lol, if it wasn't for this post, I'd probably never find out who the nominees were XD I just don'r pay much attention. I've yet to see any of those movies, but I plan to, at least some :)