Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Nominees for Best Supporting Actress!

Hello! Today has been a really long day, so I am not going to post for very long tonight. This weekend, though, I'm posting my sprite patterns for the supporting acting nominees at the Academy Awards this year! Tonight, because I'm tired and already had one of them charted, I have the nominees for Best Supporting Actress. I think that, of the four subsets of my Academy Awards sprite pattern sets, this is probably the niftiest one to work on, since there are some really detailed outfits involved. For a nomination for a role where she's famously not wearing clothes for a lot of the movie, Helen Hunt (The Sessions) had a nifty floral dress and sweater combination that I did my best to replicate, and Amy Adams' post-World War II dress and gray shawl in The Master were even more difficult to put on a sprite. Anne Hathaway's Les Miserables clothes were pretty easy to replicate, as far as floor/rain and dirt soaked street length dresses go (it looks really cool if you use DMC Light Effects 4150 on it), and, since Jacki Weaver wore a dress shirt and slacks in Silver Linings Playbook, that was even easier. I'd say something about Sally Field's Mary Todd Lincoln dress, but I posted that patterns in December and probably yapped about it quite a bit then.

Anyway, here are the nominees for Best Supporting Actress at the 2013 Academy Awards! I'm starting with Sally Field's pattern, since that's just a link, but after that, they'll be in alphabetical order.

Sally Field, as she appears in Lincoln

Now that I have those posted, I have a blurry, largely indiscernible image of how far I've gotten stitching all of these Oscar nominees for myself! I'm going to stitch more tonight, so I'll have another progress picture for the Best Supporting Actor post tomorrow, then, once the Oscars are over tomorrow night, I'll have a picture of how close (or far) I got to the end of the project by then. I don't think I'll finish, but I'm doing better than I expected! Here is what I have done now!
I'm off to stitch some more and watch The Independent Spirit Awards, but will be back with a post or two more tomorrow! Have a nice weekend, and enjoy whatever craft time you have!

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  1. Oh, dearie-dear, you continue to add to my 'must-stich' list.
    Congrats on your fabulous progress, too, and best of luck meeting your goal!