Sunday, February 24, 2013

Well, I Didn't Quite Meet My Goal.

Hello! I mentioned this last night, but since the Academy Awards just ended for this year, I wanted to post how many of the acting nominees I actually managed to cross stitch! My goal was to finish all 20, but, as it turns out, stitching 20 sprites in 14 days may have been a bit of an ambitious goal, even though my sprite patterns are relatively small. As a whole, though, I don't think that I did too badly! I got 8 of them totally finished, and am almost done with several more of them. Within the next few days, I think that I'll have the whole set done! When that happens, I'll post nice, clear, close-to-the-real-colors scans of these, but for now, here are some blurry photos of my Oscar nominee cross stitches!
Here are the actors from the leading categories, in all of their half stitched glory! On the top row, Jennifer Lawrence (first from the left) and Quevenzhane Wallis (last on the right) are finished, and on the bottom row, Denzel Washington (second from the left) and Joaquim Phoenix (fourth from the left) are both done, too! I'm not too close to being done with Daniel Day Lewis, in his Lincoln outfit, but the rest should only take a little bit to finish. I even have some black glitter floss to stitch Bradley Cooper's garbage bag.
Here is an inexplicably yellow-ish photo of my stitching of the actors in the supporting categories! In the top row, I finished up Sally Field and Christoph Waltz, who are the last two towards the right, and on the bottom row, I finished Alan Arkin, the first from the left, and Anne Hathaway, who is fourth from the left. I don't think any of these will cause too much trouble to finish up, but I do think that these will benefit from being scanned rather than posted from a bad photo that I took on my DSi.

I am now finished for tonight, but I'll be back with more patterns and a final update once I finish stitching this set of sprites! Until then, I hope that you have nice starts to all of your weeks!


  1. Even though you didn't meet the goal you wanted, the ones you got done look great! :)

  2. Wow, what you did manage to finish is still amazing! The all look so cool :D

  3. Whoa, that's a lot of work! They're looking great :D