Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Anime Characters Old and New(er) and an Obscure Fighting Game's Heroine

Hello! Though I should probably be more subtle about it, I'm basically doing a post tonight because I got a 3DS and want to share my friend code, for Swapnote and whatnot. I wish that I could think of a more exciting way to say it, but my friend code is 3883-5389-3206. If any of you guys also have a 3DS, feel free to add me!

With that done and over with, I do have three new sprite patterns for you guys tonight, since I've been working on them a lot lately. Past the Magic Knight Rayearth and Deadman Wonderland sets that I started last week, I've finished the sprites for another set and done quite a bit for a fourth, and past that, as always, I have plenty of patterns to pick from that aren't a part of these sets. Because of that, it's sort of difficult to choose what to post tonight. I think that for my first two patterns, though, I'll keep going with the sets I started last time!

The representative from the Magic Knight Rayearth set for tonight is Umi, since there were only two characters left and I chose one of them at random. I'm actually really happy with how this pattern came out, as her hair worked well and the blues look nice with her orange bow. It might be a pain to find all of the blues that this pattern will need, but it should work out well if you do find them.
Next up is tonight's entry in the Deadman Wonderland set, which, as I've mentioned before, I am pretty clueless about. I do know that Ganta is one of, or perhaps the only main character, though, so he gets to be posted next. This one went very badly in terms of getting the colors to work in KG Stitch, so as I tried to get everything to look right, I began to think that this set of patterns would end in me throwing my computer out of the window. I finally got it to work, though, and since finishing this chart, was able to do two more sprites for the set without any trouble at all. Hopefully, the last half of the set goes well, too!
I don't want to start posting from another of the full sets I'm working on until I at least have my last Magic Knight Rayearth pattern posted, so for my last cross stitch pattern of the evening, I'm posting a sprite of Kisarah Westfield, who I know from Neo Geo Battle Coliseum, though she's actually from everyone's favorite Neo Geo fighter, Aggressors of Dark Kombat. (I was going to make a joke about the obscurity of Aggressors of Dark Kombat, but since the real ridiculous phrase there was "everyone's favorite Neo Geo fighter," I won't bother.) I actually just made this pattern because I wanted it, and, in order to get more charts finished for this blog, I have made the rule for myself that, before I can print out a sprite for my own use, I have to put it on a postable chart, first. This will likely end in a lot of nonsense for you guys, but, since I never know what patterns someone will actually want, it seems fair to post them anyway. Anyway, without any further ado, here is the brightly colored Kisarah!
I am done here for now, but I'm going to see if I can make another sprite or two before bed tonight! I have enough stuff that I should be able to post again soon, so, until then, have a nice night and good luck with all of your stitching projects!

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  1. Your sprites are amazing! Thanks for sharing them with us.