Sunday, March 17, 2013

Some New Sprite Patterns, In Case You Want to Stitch Them

Hello! I've been sort of busy lately, so I haven't been posting as much as I'd like to. I have been making a ton of sprite patterns lately, 19 alone of which are of Cardcaptor Sakura. (The person who brought that up in the comments section of my last post shall live to regret it.) My desktop is cluttered with random characters, including odds and ends of sets that I haven't finished charting and very nearly the entire cast of Deadman Wonderland, which I did as a request when I had a bad head cold and then promptly forgot who they all were. Only 6 finished patterns are in my "Still to Post" folder, but since that number is about go significantly higher, I thought that I might post a few of them today.
I know that I warned of this pattern's existence in my last post, so you guys shouldn't be terribly shocked that it exists, but here is my sprite pattern of Corrector Yui. I think that it came out genuinely well, and since it's frilly and pink, I'm probably going to stitch Yui pretty soon. Corrector Yui wasn't popular at all here in the United States, though, so I figure she'll be better recieved by readers in other countries than in my own. I find tons of Spanish fan sites whenever I look up reference art from the show, so it must have been well liked somewhere.
While I'm all excited about magical girl patterns, it seems reasonable to post the first sprite in the Magic Knight Rayearth set, featuring Hikaru. I've actually finished patterns for all three of the girls, and this is my least favorite by quite a longshot. She always seems like the main character, though, so I figured that I'd post her first.
My last pattern for today is the first (and, again, my least favorite) in the Deadman Wonderland set that someone requested from me last summer, after which I promptly finished in while my head was in a fog of cold medicine, and then, for several months, that I looked at and thought, "These patterns are very detailed! I wonder who they were for?" This pattern, of Shiro, was a total pain to make. I do not know how the animators got across the whole, "Oh, no, she's not undressed! She's wearing a slightly not-skin colored body suit with red twirly crap!" thing without completely failing at it, but as far as making a cross stitch pattern of her goes, it was irritating. I didn't watch the anime past the first episode, since, to be nice, it was a bit much for me, so there may have been some big explanation of this outfit that I missed, making it fundamentally more difficult to turn into a sprite. As it was, though, I kept waffling back and forth between the light melon-y color that I used and a really pale color, trying to decide which looked less weird. I settled on the melon-y color, even though it's less accurate, because the lighter one blended in with her hair too much and made it look like she'd be really boring to stitch. I think that the rest of these patterns came out pretty well, so I'm not too worried about some inaccuracy here, but I'm not too eager to repeat the experience of making this pattern.

Since my last post, I've done some mindless kit stitching, so I need to take photos of that stuff so that I can show it off here. I have nothing else that I want to post here right now, though, so I am done with this blog for today. I'll post again soon, but until then, have a nice day!

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