Friday, April 19, 2013

Sprite Patterns 19: Super Sailor Moon

Hello! Last Friday night, I was watching two Sailor Moon movies with a girl I was babysitting for, and it seemed to me that, since I've been making sprite patterns for years now, I could probably improve on my Sailor Moon patterns. As it turned out, I was correct in thinking that making these patterns over and over again has caused me to get better at it. For tonight, I have a new sprite pattern of Sailor Moon in her Super Sailor Moon outfit. I was able to use more details in this pattern than in my old ones, but I think that the biggest difference is in her hair. There's less stitches worth of it now, but it looks twirlier and prettier, which I think is a big improvement. The skirt came out better this time, too, which made me really happy. If you guys, like me, are eager to cross stitch yet another tiny version of Sailor Moon, here is the pattern!
I don't really have any rational reason to quit blogging already, but I'm sort of tired of writing now, so I am done for today. I'll be back with more blog stuff tomorrow, so I hope that you guys have good weekends!


  1. I am always in the mood for more Sailor Moon patterns! She looks so fabulous!

  2. Love it! Are you you planning on doing the others in their super outfits too? Always looking forward to your patterns. Keep up the awesome job! :)

  3. You're missing Sailor Saturn. Or did I just missed it?

    1. She's somewhere, but I don't remember when I posted her. She was later than the other Sailor Scouts, pattern-wise.

      Here's her Sailor Scout outfit- she's in her school uniform in a post with some of the other characters.