Monday, April 1, 2013

Sprite Patterns April Day 1: An Old Set, a New Set, and a Character From a Korean Golf Game

Hello! I don't have an April Fools' Day joke for you guys today, because I'm lazy and am sure that I can't top the fact that Teen Nick took a joke from Rocko's Modern Life so far that last night, they televised half an hour of a drawing of a jar of mayonnaise. I do, however, have a few new sprite patterns for you guys to celebrate the start of Sprite Patterns April! Like I said before, I'm only doing this because I have a lot of patterns saved up, but that seems like as good a reason to do this as any. By the end of the month, I'm sure that I'll have descended entirely into patterns of obscure video game characters and people from sitcoms, but for today, I'm going to try and keep things in order by posting at least two patterns from sets that I've been working on.
First of all, I'm getting some more of this Deadman Wonderland set over with by posting this pattern of a guy named Nagi. I can't even pretend that I know who this guy is, but from what I understand, that anime would not be the one where I'd wear a spiffy white jacket. Cartoon characters are going to do whatever they're going to do, though, so I can't really argue with him.
For today's second pattern, I have a new set to start in on, featuring the cast of Azumanga Daioh! Since I've actually seen this show, I'm more confident in regards to these patterns, and had a lot of fun making them. If you're stitching anything from this set of patterns, I suspect that KG Stitch assigned a color to their skirts that was a bit too dark, but I was so excited that it kept the color scheme the same for all of the patterns that it didn't seem too bad to me at the time. I thought that it looked okay when I held the floss up in the air, which I realize is a pointless exercise, but it is a little different from the color in the picture. It is an easy problem to correct, though, if you interpret it as such. As for today's pattern in particular, I picked Yomi to be posted because she was the one that I clicked on first. I think that the hair came out really well in this pattern, but other than that, there's not too much to be said about it.
Lastly, I have a pattern for you guys of Spika, the newest character in the Korean online golf game Pangya, mostly because this is my blog and I do what I want. Supposedly, she is a golfer from space, because I suppose that in space, everyone flies around on hover-Vespas and plays slowly paced Earth sports, but it is not my place to question video game logic. What does matter is that this pattern is in bright and pretty colors so that, even if no one else has ever stitched any of my Pangya patterns, I'll make this one and it will be fun.

I'm done for today, but since this is Sprite Patterns April, I'll be back tomorrow to post some more tiny cross stitch charts that you guys might possibly use for craft projects! Until then, have a nice day and enjoy the start of the new month.

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