Thursday, April 11, 2013

Sprite Patterns April Day 11: More Sakura and a Finished Page of My Stitched Sprite Patterns

Hello! I didn't end up finishing my sheet of stitched sprites last night, since I instead made a tray of cookie brownies from a mix, which I followed by playing an intense amount of Super Collapse. I did finish it this morning, though, so I now have 19 more cross stitched versions of my sprites that I can chop up and add to my collection of standees! My theme for this set was school outfits, since I have a lot of patterns with them, they're reasonably detailed, and having a theme saved me a lot of flipping through my patterns binder and trying to decide what to make next. I thought that it might get boring to stitch one thing like that, but, as it turned out, there was still quite a bit of variety, and more room for glitter than I'd expected. Here is the scan of my full page of 14-count plastic canvas, with the character names typed underneath it in tiny italics. I've posted most of these patterns already, but for the characters that haven't shown up here yet, you can expect to see them soon.
Top Row (Left to Right): Gogo (Kill Bill), Miyuki (Lucky Star), Michelle and Amara (Sailor Moon, and no, I can't remember their Japanese names right now, so the English ones will have to do)
Second Row: Yugi (Yu Gi Oh, which I'm sure every one of you needed to be told), Honey (Ouran Host Club), Mitsuki Sanada (Dual! Parallel Trouble Adventure, which I almost didn't type because there's no anime fan alive that hasn't seen that a dozen times), Max Fischer (Rushmore), Su (Love Hina)
Third Row: Yosuke (Persona 4), Sakakibara (Another, which was an interesting book, and, from what I've seen, a mind numbingly boring anime), Labrys (again from Persona, but if I don't say here that she's only in the fighting game, some fan of the series will shake their head in disappointment at me), Osaka (Azumanga Daioh)
Bottom Row: Kyosuke (Rival Schools, a video game which, in the near future, all of you will be sick to death of), Ishida (Bleach), Mei (Another, again, because I didn't want to make one of the characters and then skip the other), Kisarah Westfield (Neo Geo Battle Coliseum/Aggressors of Dark Kombat), Athena (because I've never made her before, from King of Fighters)

Now that I have that unnecessarily wordy character list finished, it is time for today's cross stitch patterns, which, like last Thursday, are all of Cardcaptor Sakura! Just like last week, this is a trio of fluffy and overly detailed sprite patterns, with what I hope is a good variety of colors between the three of them. My favorite of the three is the fairy princess outfit in the first one, so I'm considering stitching that one very soon, but the pajamas one and the weird one with the puffy teal hat and devil wings are cool, too, so I hope you guys like them.

I think that I've done enough posting for today, but, since this is a sprite patterns month, I'll be back tomorrow with something else! I want to take a picture of the standees that I make from these again, too, since I've added at least 50 to my collection since the last photo. I'm not sure when I'll actually do that, though, so it probably won't be in tomorrow's post.


  1. Sooooo great :D They all look so well done!

  2. Fabulous work! I love seeing them all stitched together on one page like that. Looking forward to when you have your next group shot!

  3. Wow, that's a lot of Sprites! They look great!
    Love the new patterns, too! More for my to-do list :D
    Any chance you might do some from Yu Yu Hakusho some day?