Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sprite Patterns April Day 16: Hi Hi Puffy Amiyumi

Hello! My computer is being slow and bad today, so I am hoping to get through today's post, the 16th of Sprite Patterns April, without any trouble. Some days, I can get it to do dozens of things at once without any trouble, but today, apparently, this whole idea of an internet browser is a little much for the poor machine. If I don't spend too long on this, though, things should be fine, so here is today's post!

For today, I have two sprite patterns from, because all of you wanted these so much, the Hi Hi Puffy Amiyumi Show. I made these patterns a couple of weeks ago, as I was lamenting that it didn't get to be on Netflix along with a lot of the other Cartoon Network shows, but I heard somewhere that the music licensing rights for it were really expensive. I don't know if that's true or not, but it seems reasonable enough that I believed it. I've posted a much bigger pattern from the show before, based on sprites from one of the video games, so I don't feel like I have to go into the whole, "Oh, I like Puffy so much and I was listenin' to them in the car last night, and I have a bunch of their records," thing again. Still, I'm really happy with how these patterns came out and am hoping to make them pretty soon. I hope that you guys like these, too!

I need to do some work to refill my patterns to post folder this afternoon, so I am actually not at all sure what I'm going to post tomorrow. I will have something for you, though, so, until then, have a nice day.


  1. These are super cute, and going on my pillow! I remember my sister and I always used to say she was Ami and I was Yumi XD so many memories now

  2. Wow these are super colorful! They look like they'll be fun to stitch up :-)

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  4. Sometimes, you just have to LOVE the names of these shows! Cute Sprites!!!